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We accept products and services for review and recommendation! Contact us via the form below.


We love to be showered with praise, but we also encourage constructive criticism and opposing views and opinions on our articles. We welcome and encourage your feedback!

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We accept (and welcome!) your article submissions. We are currently unable to compensate for submissions - nobody in our team is currently getting paid. However, if you have an article written for another publication or assignment that you'd like us to republish, please send it through. We look forward to one day being able to fairly compensate writers for submissions, but we're just not there yet.


To send in your article, paste your piece and byline into the form below, and select ‘submission’ from the dropdown menu. Our Content team may not be able to respond to every submission.

Work Experience & Internships

We often receive requests for internships and work experience placements, and while we love the fact that people enjoy Cheek so much they want to work for us (seriously, our egos grow 2% each time), we do have a policy against engaging workers for free. In our first six months of operation, we ran one round of short-term internships, after which, upon reflection and consideration, we determined we will not do again. We don’t currently have the resources to expand our team and we believe that all work must be fairly compensated.

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Enquiries and submissions:

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