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Cheek Media Co. is a multi-platform, digital media project amplifying voices, stories and ideas that are first and foremost, real.


We want to challenge readers with renewed perspective and insight through thought-provoking lenses, whilst simultaneously offering painstakingly funny, playful and transparent material on taboo subject matter.


Cheek is where you come to understand an issue you’ve seen 467 people post about on Instagram but still don’t get. Cheek is where you will find comfort and answers to career problems and your fifth existential crisis because you’re still getting spoken over at work. Cheek is where you look for a cute present idea for your best friend who was broken up with by a guy who she loved lots, and you were happy for them, but you kind of always knew it wouldn't work out. Cheek is here when you’re down about the world and just want to read a list of ultimate dating red flags or a painfully detailed recount of having to poo in the bushes on a hike while you’re on a first Tinder date with a guy who for some reason brought two of his roommates.


Cheek has it all.

Cheek Media Co. was founded by Kristin Perissinotto, Hannah Ferguson and Catherine Stubbs (that’s us! writing about ourselves in the third person!). We met whilst volunteering with not-for-profit organisation, the One Woman Project. We decided, as a trio, to venture out into the business world with an idea every single person has had before us: to get paid to write/talk/think about sex toys, political meltdowns, the best nacho recipe, and everything in between.


As resident Chief Executive Officer, Kristin wears the pants. She’s also a PR and Communications expert with seven and a half side hustles in motion at any one time (including doing her own hair, which she should add to her LinkedIn as a special skill).


Hannah, Cheek’s Chief Content Officer, lets everyone know that she’s 6’2, doesn’t trust anyone who could compete in an onion-eating-competition and thinks her affinity for odd looking men is a personality trait. She’s also a law graduate desperately trying to claw her way into another industry.


Catherine is our Chief Creative Officer and is solely responsible for bringing down the average heart rate of the team, the calming influence. With an architecture degree under her belt and unparalleled graphic design abilities, she must feel pretty deflated when Kristin and Hannah ask if she knows how to use ~Canva~ and request that she include a dildo design on every Instagram tile. 

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The media industry has suffered substantial losses with the fall of major progressive news outlets in 2020. We created Cheek after seeing a distinct gap in the media market. A lack of websites, forums and platforms for progressive individuals and communities who want to remain informed, entertained and stimulated in both critical and creative news spheres.


Our purpose is to provide a platform to discuss serious concepts in dynamic, accessible and light-hearted ways. Cheek hopes to mobilise people who want to make change in their community but are too overwhelmed to know where to start (we also want to discuss whether it’s normal to have severe diarrhoea after a caramel popcorn at the cinema, but that’s really the variety Cheek brings to the party). 


Cheek offers readers and listeners a review of the best vibrator on the market, an Op-Ed on the inherent prejudice of the jury system in Australia, a real interview with a real person engaging in real change (not a tone deaf influencer) and a comparative analysis of Gaga’s ‘Five Foot Two’ and T-Swift’s ‘Miss Americana’ ...all in the same day.

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The best thing about founding a company is getting to pick your own titles! Our titles serve the double purpose of being a huge LinkedIn flex, and giving direction and structure to Cheek Media Co. We work collaboratively on the strategic direction of the brand, what we want Cheek to stand for, and how to make the brand authentic, enjoyable, informative, and aesthetic for you, the reader. We spent months talking almost every day about what we wanted Cheek to be ahead of our launch on 1 November, 2020, and we are actively building on it every single day.


Kristin Perissinotto

Chief Executive Officer

Kristin is a public relations (PR) and communications professional, with experience in various industries. She holds a Bachelor of Communications (PR) and Master in Public Relations, and absolutely refuses to look at her HECS debt. Kristin is passionate about politics and creating social change through education, and still says Maccas chicken nuggets are her favourite food despite having not eaten meat for two years. Her hobbies include aggressively encouraging corporate workers to join their union and pretending that running isn't awful. Kristin loves writing, schedules, Netflix, and one-on-one chats. She strongly dislikes large groups of people, political infighting, and movies with sad endings.

Hannah Ferguson

Chief Content Officer

Hannah is a communications and publishing professional with a legal background she likes to name drop at every opportunity but refuses to use in any capacity. Hannah has strong and painfully lengthy opinions on everything from crunchy peanut butter to the execution of the Romanov family in 1918. She is currently pursuing a Master of Communications after completing a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) at The University of Queensland. Hannah once tested dangerously high for extroversion, with the test administrator comparing her to a puppy who wees on the carpet whenever faced with the excitement of social interaction. Standing at 6’2, you’ll never lose Hannah in a crowd, even when you want to.