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Women buy RATs, they don't make policy

2021 was known as Australia's own #MeToo moment. We had women like Grace Tame and Brittany Higgins speak out and often feature in media, and we saw one of the biggest women's marches, #March4Justice, take place around the country. We heard Scott Morrison continue to fuck up when responding to women who said enough is enough, said they were sick of being afraid, demanded change in this country. We watched him ignore us, overlook us, and tell us we were lucky not to be 'met with bullets' when practicing our right to protest.

The Liberals have a bad track record when it comes to women. They have minimal women in their party, rarely run women in winnable seats, and are strongly opposed to affirmative action and gender quotas. They kicked Julie Bishop to the curb when she no longer worked for them, and they avoid passing meaningful and much-needed policy and legislation for women's benefit and safety. Morrison himself found it completely impossible to empathise with a woman who told the story of being raped at her workplace without speaking to his wife.

Women, to the Liberal Party, appear to be tools to be utilised when needed. A feminine face to regurgitate their 'values,' someone to smile and wave, a person to point to whenever they are criticised for being sexist or neglectful of women's issues.

On the 60 Minutes episode, Scott Morrison hid behind his wife, who was given the task of singlehandedly saving the Liberal Party's reputation. It was Jenny who told the nation she made the wrong call when holidaying in Hawaii while our country burned. It was Jenny who attempted to bolster the Prime Minister's reputation by saying he's 'married to the job.' When asked if she would ever consider going into politics, Jenny Morrison laughed and said that she could and would never, professing that if she were to make policy, it would be 'so bad'.

Jenny Morrison. The woman labelled as Scott's moral compass, the woman who, by way of this very episode, was supposed to get her husband's approval rating back on track, the woman who will be on the campaign trail with Scott to make him more likable, couldn't possibly make policy because it would be 'so bad'. Nobody should be surprised by the depths Scott Morrison has sunk to with this episode, pushing his self-described 'private' family into the spotlight in an effort to save his reputation. It's the Liberal way to use women for points and grandstanding, but resist having them in any position of authority or power.

Jenny gets the RATs and Jenny makes him understand that a woman being raped in his workplace is actually pretty bad. Jenny comes across well on the TV when seemingly most f the country hates him. But Jenny isn't given a share of the immense power the PM has. He throws out her name, presumably as a dog whistle for women he thinks might just vote for him. A man is not made better by a wife who says he's a hard worker. A man is not worthy of praise for having a daughter or two and feeling sad at the thought of them being in danger. A man elected to represent a country of 51% women needs to be better than that. And Scott has shown us he can't be.

Scott Morrison is not redeemable. He could appear on 60 Minutes every Sunday until May, beside his wife and daughters. He could bring Jenny to every press conference. He could highlight the work of all of the women in his cabinet. He could speak on International Women's Day. And it wouldn't make a difference. Scott Morrison uses women when they're convenient for his agenda. And we won't stand for it. Scott Morrison will be voted out by women in the next election because we are beyond tired now. We are angry. We have had enough. And we are loud.