• Sophie Perissinotto

Why do people stan Lorelai Gilmore

At this point, I am not even sure if this is a hot take BUT . . . why do people stan Lorelai Gilmore? In this essay (ahem, listicle), I will elaborate on why Lorelai makes me extremely annoyed. I will not even get started on why Luke is the worst, because this article would be 20 pages long.

1. Rory is her parent

I know that this is kind of the point of the show, but it really annoys me. It’s no wonder Rory is flailing by the time she is thirty (if you do acknowledge A Year in the Life as canon). Lorelai is so focussed on being Rory’s ~best friend~ that she often fails to actually be a mother.

2. Lorelai is just plain annoying

You know I'm right. Is she actually hilarious and quirky or is she just annoying? Really ask yourself that one.

3. Her relationship with Richard and Emily

The show goes into how Lorelai was treated as a child and yes, it does seem suffocating. That being said, Lorelai treats them both like they are incapable morons. With her eyerolls and mutters and endless complaining, it’s no wonder that they both treat Lorelai like a child. She never stopped acting like one.

4. We see a very one-sided portrayal of Lorelai as a teen

Further to that point, Lorelai always talks about sneaking out of the house and “acting out” as a kid. Maybe Emily and Richard wouldn’t have been so overbearing if they could have trusted her more? (I might be reading into this too much)

5. Her treatment of Max

This one is likely not contested. In season 6, she admits that she never loved Max. How can you not realise that you don't love someone until the weekend of your wedding? I’m not the most emotionally healthy person but I’m pretty sure that I would realise I don’t love someone before essentially leaving them at the altar.

6. Do a shot every time she says “omg Rory, I just made a mistake OKAY”

She makes the same decision over and over and then tells Rory that “it’s just a mistake” and “I’m human even though I’m a mum”, but then in their falling out in season 6, she doesn’t really extend that to Rory. I’m not a mother, but something tells me that just ignoring your child when they make a decision that points to them being in emotional distress is pretty mean…


The show wants us to be super jealous of their relationship and closeless, but it’s actually just really unhealthy.

8. She ruins her godchild's christening

I cannot even rewatch this episode because it's just entirely too cringey. She is so bothered by not having Rory's new phone number that she ruins a christening for her best friend's kids. Now try and tell how she's "such a good friend though!"

In spite of my complaining, I can appreciate that she's just a character on a TV show that I still love to rewatch every couple of months. Also, a character who you find annoying is way better than a character who bored you. I really think that Lorelai is meant to be the coolest mum in the world when you are watching the show as a teenager, but now I'm older that image has well and truly shattered. I think that Lauren Graham brought so much charm to the character and she would be truly insufferable to me with another actor.

What I'm really trying to say is: grow up and stan Paris Geller.

Thank you and goodnight.