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We don't need to guess the Liberals' values. They show us.

What they've shown us about treatment of women

Liberal Senator David Van, who nobody had ever fucking heard of until yesterday ~allegedly~ made dog noises at Independent Senator Jacqui Lambie. Van's apology, which he read off a piece of paper instead of bothering to look over it or, god forbid, say something actually genuine, and was probably written for him by a staffer, denied those specific allegations. This is only the most recent of many instances - might we remind you of the time the PM said the Women's march was lucky to not be met with bullets? The time he had to get Jenny to explain to him that sexual assault is wrong? The reports from Julia Banks about misogynistic attacks in Parliament House?

What they've shown us about safety in the workplace

This year has seen headline after headline about safety in the workplace, with a particular focus on sexual harassment and assault, after Brittany Higgins came forward with allegations. Not only has the Coalition avoided implementing the majority of the Safe@Work recommendations for all workplaces, but Parliament House, the workplace where he is in charge, has had awful reports of harassment, assault, and bullying.

What they've shown us about accountability

Christian Porter. Need we say more? Porter was given full reign during the time whilst rape allegations were circling. He was given time off for mental health reasons - more mental health leave than almost any other Australian has access to. His position in the Cabinet was there when he returned. It's only now that Port has announced his exit from politics, which is unquestionably because he knows he can't win the next election. What's more, Scott Morrison has been caught out in numerous lies since taking up the leadership position. He has not once admitted to that and maintains that he has never lied.

What they've shown us about First Nations relations and reconciliation

When questioned in March this year about the possibility of enshrining a First Nations voice into the Constitution, he said “It has never been the Government’s policy to have that process enshrined in the constitution. That never has been the Government’s policy. I think that is pretty clear. It is not the Government’s policy.” Australia is the only country that does not have a treaty between the government and First Nations people.

What they've shown us about leadership

Scott Morrison, the leader of our country and the highest-ranking elected official, has continuously palmed off the responsibilities of the pandemic to the states and territories. "That's a matter for the states" was his fucking catchphrase for the better part of 2021. But he's always there to take the praise when it's all said and done. After the jurisdictions rolled out COVID vaccines for their residents, old Scotty was the first to front the media to smugly announce the vax numbers.