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THE top 50 Miley Cyrus songs

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

After much discussion, some disagreements in the team, and a wall full of post-it notes, we are pleased to bring you the ultimate top 50 songs from Miley Cyrus’ discography. At Cheek, we are celebrating Miley Week (which should be a global holiday to honour the queen herself), and are releasing Miley content all week. This morning we released the very first episode of our podcast, where Hannah and Kristin argue over Miley’s top ten songs. We have also created a Spotify playlist so you can enjoy Miley’s top 50 audibly.

Top 10

The top 10 are all separated by a hair and were almost impossible to order. These are all, to fittingly use a Miley lyric, fucking bangers.

1. Wrecking Ball

The top three caused some controversy within the team, but we agreed that the best Miley song of all time had to be Wrecking Ball. The vocals? Killer. The lyrics? Real as hell. The music vid? Iconic. Miley cried real tears multiple times performing Wrecking Ball and so do I every time I listen to this song.

2. See You Again

Some would argue this song belongs at the #1 spot, but there is no question it needs to be in the top three. See You Again is a little rocky and also has that nostalgia factor we are always seeking. If you didn’t own the double CD set Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus then who are you.

3. Adore You

Another from her Bangerz album. Bangerz was her best musical era (so far), but probably the worst for her personal life. But, like a true artiste, she made that pain into songs, and fucking good ones at that. Adore You is a powerful track, and the contrast between it and the other songs in Bangerz is *chef’s kiss*.

4. The Climb

I mean. Obviously. The Climb is iconic and I already hate myself for writing iconic twice in this list, but Miley is an icon. The Climb is the song everyone belts out in their car and even when you’re 27 years old you still find it ~relatable~ because there is always gonna be another mountain.

5. We Can't Stop

Another Bangerz banger. We Can’t Stop reminds us all of a special moment in time. For me it was when I finally moved out of my small town and got to hit da clubz in the bumping capital city of Brisbane for the first time. I was physically unable to go to any club on a Saturday night without shouting to the DJ that he had to play this song because it was my birthday.

6. Party in the USA

Obviously this is a top ten track. Everybody knows most of the words to Party in the USA including my dad who, in his own words, ‘stans with Miley’.

7. G.N.O.

What a track honestly. The original feminist anthem. Okay I’m kidding, but it was a very appropriately-aged girl power tune back in the day when I saved up to buy the album from Big W.

8. Mother's Daughter

A tune for the Miley-obsessed and Miley-apathetic to come together. Mother’s Daughter is a true feminist anthem and it’s pretty different to Miley’s other tracks. The standout from the SHE IS COMING album.

9. Malibu

The only reason for someone not to like Malibu is that mainstream radio stations played it approximately 40 times per day which gave it the Lady Gaga Million Reasons effect. It is a TUNE.

10. Hoedown Throwdown

There was a bit of disagreement about this track but we eventually agreed it belongs in the top ten. Any song with a known dance attached is always a crowd fave.

Iconic lewk. Photo from Pitchfork

11 - 20

The next ten are, once again, absolute bangers and some could arguably move up to the top 10, but at the end of the day didn’t quite make it.

11. Slide Away

Slide Away was a pivotal track for Miley. In this era she kind of says goodbye to her big party days. Anyone who found themselves in a club a bit too sober and feeling a bit too old can relate to the lyrics.

12. East Northumberland high

A slight disagreement was had over this track and whether it belonged in the top ten. Eventually it was relegated to the still respectable number 12. Despite being for a younger Hannah Montana-era audience, the lyrics still hold true, and the track has some of the rocky vibes that Miley sporadically brings out.

13. Do My Thang

This is not just a song, it’s a promise. Miley will always do her thang and not even the most sexist of media outlets (ie. The Daily Mail) can stop her. Special shoutout to the most iconic (I said it again) lyric: I’m a so-southern belle, crazier than hell.

14. 7 Things

Sha! This song was an anthem for anyone who had a boyfriend in Year 7 boyfriend, and if so, the lyrics will be etched into your memory forever. I will be in the nursing home jamming to this track and thinking about primary school love.

15. FU

Any song that can be cranked and angrily sung along to in a car following a breakup is top 20 material. What’s that saying about a lady scorned? Anyway, we love the angry woman vibes.

16. Midnight Sky

Midnight Sky was one of the first releases from Miley in her 2020 rebirth and it gives us some strong free and independent woman vibes. It’s the post-breakup song for when you’re in the acceptance stage. Here for it.

17. Start All Over

For a Hannah Montana-era song, this track is low key rocky? More of the Miley rage that I love.

18. I Miss You

Again, this track is written for a fictional character but it hits you hard. Powerful stuff honestly.

19. When I Look at You

This tune was of course one of the tracks in The Last Song where our beloved Miley fell in love with cool Aussie surfer guy Liam Hemsworth. They’ve since parted ways (she says as if the whole world didn't know that - come to Cheek for breaking news!), but we wish them both the best.

20. Maybe You're Right

It's an underdog of the Bangerz album, but this song holds its own. It showcases Miley's vocals like many of her more poppy numbers don't.

21 - 30

21. Butterfly Fly Away

You knew a Cyrus duet was coming up. Even though it was written about a fictional character, I still feel it hard.

22. Younger Now

This track was very of the moment for a lot of us Millennial snowflakes. It was labelled a Gen Y anthem when it came out, and I think that's pretty accurate.

23. Can't Be Tamed

Everyone lost their minds when Miley broke out of her Disney self and morphed into the glorious woman we know today, but she fucking told us she was doing it with this song. Miley Ray Cyrus can’t be tamed.

24. Breakout

The lyrics are a bit cliché when you're looking through mid to late 20s eyes, but the beat is a bop and I love that you can distinctly hear her Tennessee accent.

25. She's Not Him

Miley thrives in the emotional and slower songs. You can literally feel her pain through your headphones. I know that is huge a cliché but honestly. HEART. BREAK. ING.

26. 4x4

It's not everyone's cup of tea, but the nod to her country roots alongside the narrative lyrics and a cameo from Nelly? This was the original Old Town Road okay.

27. SMS

This track was the most experimental in the album, but didn't delve into the Dead Petz territory (which you'll notice is missing from this list), and let's not forget the iconic featuring artist. It's Britney, bitch.

28. The Most

SHE IS COMING didn't have a lot of huge hits, but I love the folk vibes this song delivers. Another good one for the people who are bit too alternative for Queen Miley.

29. Rooting for my Baby

Okay, our queen can do any genre. This track is almost easy listening? I would do yoga to this song.

30. Bottom of the Ocean

This song transcends time. It was released in 2008, but could almost fit in with one of her more recent albums, especially the first two minutes. Honestly I'm not a fan of the echo towards the end, but still worthy top top 30 status.

I would die for Bangerz era Miley. Photo from AZCentral

31 - 40

31. Miss You so Much

This track also has that easy-listening vibe in combination with a sprinkle of sadness and Tennessee realness. Her voice is truly something else in this song.

32. On My Own

This song is a bop, and a pretty different sound for Miley. If it weren't for her unique twang and throaty voice, you probably wouldn't know it was her.

33. I Hope You Find it

Another Last Song track. I don't know if it's the backing track, but this song has that main character vibe that the kids are talking about.


You can't listen to this song and be sad. It's the definition of ~summer vibes~ Get on it now.

35. As I Am

Does this song bring anyone else back to Year 9 when you would imagine your future boyfriend? Can't be just me.

36. I Would Die for You

I would say the title is a bit dramatic, but I would die for Miley Cyrus honestly. Cute song. More sad and folksy vibes.

37. Drive

It's hard to describe this song. It kind of reminds me of being in a thunderstorm and also of seeing Queen Miley live. Maybe seeing her live in a thunderstorm.

38. Rainbowland

The intro to this is so cute, and as a Hannah Montana stan, I die for a a Miley x Dolly Parton collaboration. This track is a cute and carefree contrast in the predominately sad Younger Now album.

39. D.R.E.A.M.

This track is melodic and boppy at the same time. Is that possible? And maybe a comment on society as well? She does so much for us.

40. Clear

This song is low key tropical. But also has the quintessential Miley twang and 2007 Disney-era charm.

She can't be tamed. Photo by Billboard

41 - 50

41. Good and broken

Quite serious lyrics for 2007 Miley/Hannah Montana, and also a rocky, poppy bop.

42. Thinkin’

This song is a bit rocky, a bit experimental for Miley, and also true for most Millennials. We think too much #stressed

43. Inspired

This tune has activist undertones and is also dripping with nostalgia in the best way. Pay attention to the lyrics next time you listen.

44. Unholy

This song is kind of a cry for help and also makes me really sad. I see it as a thinly veiled sub @ to the media (hello again Daily Mail).

45. Right Here

This track is an ode to a bestie. Send it to your BFF now please.

46. Let's Dance

A hidden treasure honestly. If we're ever allowed to grind on each other on the D floor again we should be doing it to this track. It's low key sexy.

47. My Darlin’

It features Future but I don't really care about that TBH. While it's not really a stand out from the album, it's got stellar vocals from Ms Miley.

48. Love Money Party

I always skip this song because Bangerz is full of bangers, but I can get around it in a certain mood.

49. Party up the Street

This song makes me feel like I'm a kid in the 60s but I don't really know why.

50. These Four Walls

Great vocals as always. Overall a nice song. Not a top hit but just made it to the list.


We generally hate a disclaimer here at Cheek, but we did have to make some guidelines for this list. Miley’s brand new track Prisoners (feat. Dua Lipa) is missing from this list because we haven’t had ample time to listen and love it. The list also only features songs attributed to Miley Cyrus on Spotify and Wiki, not those attributed to Hannah Montana. We also only included the songs that she released, anything she featured in was not included. Her covers were also excluded from this list, but you can see our top ten Miley covers ranking here.