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The US Election: letting you know what the f is up RIGHT NOW

Posted AEST Friday 6th November, 12:30PM

With Democrats currently challenging the leads held by the president in both Pennsylvania and Georgia, alongside the retention of a narrow lead in crucial remaining ground of Arizona and Nevada, Joe Biden is set to win the election. This article breaks down up-to-date election estimates and focuses on President Trump’s legal threats and action, highlighting the courses of action that are available to him and what we are likely to witness in the coming days.

THE CRUCIAL BREAKDOWN: What you need to know NOW

With hundreds of thousands of votes remaining to be counted, here are the remaining states in play and their current status. In order to reach 270 electoral votes, Joe Biden requires 17, in contrast to the lizard in a suit who would need to acquire 56 more votes.


With 16 electoral votes and a Trump lead of 0.1%, this state is terrifyingly close. The gap is LESS THAN 3,000 votes. Fuck. With thousands left to be counted, it could go any way. The votes will be finalised within hours.

See below to feel absolutely distressed:

Source: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/11/03/us/elections/results-georgia-president.html


Holding 20 electoral votes, Trump retains the state at present with 49.9% to Biden’s 48.9%. Importantly, 6% of the votes are still to be counted, according to the New York Times. An election official estimated hours ago that hundreds of thousands of votes are left to be counted in the state, with the 1% gap between parties totalling merely 64,000 votes.


Nevada retains 6 electoral college votes, only 89% of the vote has been counted with almost 200,000 in the remaining tally. Biden is in the lead at 49.3% to Trump’s 48.4%.


Featuring 15 electoral college votes, Trump leads at a rate of around 1.3% at present. Biden needs to secure more than 66% of the remaining votes to take this state. It is unlikely that NC will be declared blue.


Holding 11 electoral votes, with an almost 2% Biden lead, the gap remains at just under 60,000 votes. Trump would need to retain at least 60% of the remaining votes to flip the state.

Next on the Agenda: with Trump threatening legal action, what can he ACTUALLY DO?

Trump has filed law suits in multiple states, undermining and questioning the integrity of the vote count and electoral process. Judges in both Michigan and Georgia have ruled against him already. However, he achieved a modest judicial victory in Pennsylvania. Here are the bullet points:


Trump and his team accrued a minor victory in Pennsylvania. A state appellate court ruled that Philadelphia election officials must allow Republicans to witness the count from a socially-distanced six-feet away. Democrats appealed the decision on the basis that they believed this was a scare-tactic and was merely a strategy to ensure the count took a more extensive amount of time to be finalised. In another request made by the Trump team, a federal judge rejected the move from the Republicans to stop the count altogether, due to reason of insufficient voter access. this complaint was made on an unfounded basis, as witnesses were present but were kept a mere 20-feet away prior to the introduction of the six-feet ruling.


A judge rejected a lawsuit entirely, in which the Republican party alleged that 50 ballots were accepted after the election deadline of 7p.m. Tuesday. There was no evidence of this occurring and thus it was swiftly dismissed by the judicial official.


In Michigan a judge dismissed a request by the Republican party to stop the counting of postal-votes in order to allow further access to Republican witnesses. The basis for this claim centralised on the reduced number of vote counting witnesses due to social distancing guidelines. Look, it’s a ridiculous legal claim at the very least.

Essentially, Trump is forging a legal pathway built on a foundational claim of election 'stealing' and fraudulent behaviour during counting, which are really just baseless attempts to save himself due to COVID-19 specific election guidelines which have altered the rules around ballot counting processes. He cannot claim postal votes are illegal, thus his team is attempting to access legal loopholes and extend the vote-counting period through lawsuits stating that witnesses need to be in closer confines to the counting boards and ballot tallies, during a GLOBAL HEALTH PANDEMIC.

It should be noted that it is unlikely that the president will be able to take his challenge to the Supreme Court. Rick Hansen, a professor of law at the University of California-Irvine stated, 'I do not see a way that he could go directly to the Supreme Court to stop the counting of votes'. It would only be through individual, state-based law suits that could make their way to the highest court in the US. It is not feasible for Trump to simply stake his claim and demand response from the bench.

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