• Kristin Perissinotto

The unquestionable hierarchy of takeaway chips

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

I might get a bit of flack for this one, but I will fight to the death for this ranking. Without further ado, I give you the unquestionable hierarchy of takeaway chips.

1. McDonalds

Nobody can beat Maccas. I often say McDonalds is my favourite cuisine and I'm not fucking kidding. Maccas slaps hard and I won't hear anything else. I've been mostly-plant based for over a year now but I would still die for a chicken nugget. But this isn't about the nugs, it's about that heavenly double-fried golden stick of goodness.

An unquestionable 10/10

2. KFC

This one might be a bit controversial. In contrast to the crispy Maccas fry, my second vote has to go to the softer, squishier KFC alternative. I just love how you can tell they've stuffed them into every corner of the box. Maccas could learn a thing or two from the serving size.

A respectable 8.5/10

3. Nando's

Nando's chippies are a standout on the chicken-heavy menu, and I don't know if it's just because of the chicken salt but they come in at a very close third.


4. Grill'd

Their burgers are the stars of the show, but the Grill'd chips are a necessary add-on. They're good on the burgers and off. Choose your poison.


5. Betty's Burgers

That's a pretty good chip. Not top tier, but well worth the add-on if you're there for a burger. They are more fry-like for those who prefer their potatoes crispy. Thy are only slightly worse than Grill'd.


5. Hungry Jack's

HJ's chips are just a bit... There. I mean, it's really hard to say bad things about a chip, so I won't be too harsh. They just aren't anything special.

But they still are chippies, so 6.5/10

6. Red Rooster

Red Rooster tries to do KFC chips but just can't quite execute it. Red Rooster chippies are just inconsistent. One day they are excellent and the next they are too floppy and lukewarm. You just can't trust them.

An averaged out 5.1/10

7. Dominoes

Apparently Dominoes have chips now, and look, I haven't tried them, but anything Dominoes does that's not pizza or garlic bread is average at best.

A fair guess of 5/10

I have only ranked what I deem the most popular seven chip-selling fast food locations. Please direct any hate to cheekmediaco@gmail.com where you will be sent to trash because this is the ultimate and unquestionable ranking. For more insightful Maccas content, check out our top 18 Maccas products list here.