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The top 50 Taylor Swift songs

In honour of Taylor releasing the first of her re-recorded tracks (Love Story BABY), it seems fitting to rank the top 50 Taylor Swift songs of all time. As we enter a new era of Taylor owning her own work it's wholesome to look back on an astounding career and the gift that keeps on giving, Taylor herself.

Following deep contemplation, I am pleased to bring you the ultimate ranking of Taylor Swift's top 50 songs. At Cheek, Taylor Swift is considered to be God in the eyes of one member of our team and one member only. This member, me, is a renowned list-maker and reviewer and believes that this list, unlike countless others, finally gets it right. For clickbait purposes number #1 is at the very bottom xxx.

Here we go...

50. Afterglow

Coming in at number 50, Afterglow is an absolutely solid track. The beat is firm and the dance party slash heartbreak momentum of this song makes it distinctly versatile. I don't have much more to say on this one.

How to listen? Saturday morning shower song.

49. Ready For It

Fucking BEAT CITY. This song cops A LOT of hate and I honestly cannot understand why. It is such a motivating track. It's treadmill beat qualities are unparalleled.

How to listen? Add it to your running playlist.

48. Wildest Dreams

Just lovely. A winner from 1989, my least favourite album.

How to listen? It is one hundred percent a track you listen to when travelling, a great 'first walk through a new city' kinda beat.

47. The Lakes

Pure poetry. Beauty. Symbolism. This should NEVER have been a bonus track. It's grip is tight and it fits so neatly into the Folklore package and it deserves to be in this ranking.

How to listen? While journalling.

46. Better Than Revenge

12 year old me was such a minx for this track. This is classic hairbrush used as a microphone in front of the mirror material is saucy and rocky and just plain bitchy and I gobble aggression like this up for breakfast.

How to listen? While tearing up your Joe Jonas poster in 2012.

45. You're Not Sorry

What a ballad. This much emotion as early as Fearless? This shit made me stare out the car window like I was in a music video. Mm, scrumptious.

How to listen? This track is for sitting down in the shower.

44. Gorgeous

Did you know that it is Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds's daughter at the start of this song? Excellence. Not my favourite but it is quite a firm fan favourite and thus should live here in this exact spot.

How to listen? Initial pre-game track while cracking open your first beverage of the night.

43. Style

You can hear the opening riff as I type this. It is literally the song that plays in my head when I like stare at myself drunkenly in the mirror at the end of the night. So sultry and hot.

How to listen? Doing your makeup.

42. Look What You Made Me Do

This song and music video brought her back to us in perhaps the most unique form to date. The video is her best ever and the tone and attitude was a fucking game changer for Swift's career.

How to listen? In the car. ALONE. Dancing.

41. Red

This song is a red lipped fantasy.

I don't have a how to listen with this one, it fits into a lot of different playlists, moods and genres and I'd hate to impose on your listening experience with this gal.

40. The Archer

Fuck I love The Archer. I found Lover to be a disappointing album but this track to be the dark horse of the record.

How to listen? On a sunset stroll.

39. The 1

I find this to be one of Taylor's most sing-along-able songs. This one is just such a spring clean track and leaves me floating on a cloud. What a fine fucking way to enter a new era of album. Track 1. Line 1. 'I'm doing good I'm on some new shit'. It really got us up to speed with her in a blink.

How to listen? While de-cluttering.

38. The Man

A feminist anthem.

How to listen? On the treadmill.

37. My Tears Ricochet

The Long Ponds Session changed this song for me. The perfect track five and now my personal favourite song from Folklore.

How to listen? On a rainy night.

36. Love Story (Taylor's version)

So proud of our queen. Words cannot express how hard Tay Tay has worked in the last twelve months. We are about to experience so, so much and I am basking in the glory of it.

How to listen? In a packed bar crying with your friends (in a good way).

35. This is Me Trying

One of the SADDEST songs of all time, this song makes my more naive self feel absolutely seen.

How to listen? Yes, a sit down in the shower sort of song.

34. Cruel Summer

A top #2 song on Lover. It REALLY gets me going.

How to listen? This is perfect pump up music before a girl's night out or in.

33. Dear John

Again, this track is written for a fictional character but it hits you hard. Powerful stuff honestly.

How to listen? Background music while packing up your room to move far, far away.

32. Lover

I hate the first line, but otherwise - GREAT.

How to listen? Slow dancing at a wedding (you're a guest and it's an open bar).

31. The Last Great American Dynasty


How to listen? It's playing in a cafe, you order an overpriced drink. Life is good.

30. Cowboy Like Me

There's something about the sultry mood of this song, delicious.

How to listen? It's playing in a dimly lit, thick, moody overpriced bar.

29. I Know Places

Dark bop for 1989. This baby could have been more Reputation era but the nuance of it all is so sexy.

How to listen? During sex.

28. Enchanted

God this is some basic white girl, big dress, period drama shit. Yum.

How to listen? At your year six formal.

27. Hey Stephen

That opening bit, you can hear it right now.

How to listen? While frying an egg.

26. Invisible String

A light, acoustic love song. Folklore's more airy material. Not for me, but I recognise it's value.

How to listen? Lying on a hardwood floor, the middle of summer with earphones in.

25. Forever & Always

Fuck you Joe Jonas.

How to listen? Over a cocktail.

24. Daylight

Sickly sweet and beautiful, with a great link to Red.

How to listen? In the Sunday morning sun.

23. Cardigan

The first track we were delivered for Taylor's most iconic era yet, Folklore.

How to listen? In the woods.

22. No Body, No Crime

Picture to Burn vibes on Evermore. Nostalgia factor brings it in at number #22.

How to listen? While eating chicken wings.

21. Last Kiss

Six minutes of fucking sad.

How to listen? Crying over your year seven crush.

20. Our Song

Everyone has an experience with this song, it's a feeling.

How to listen? Driving to maccas with your mates to get a soft serve.

19. Picture to Burn

No commentary, you just KNOW.

How to listen? In a pair of thigh high boots.

18. 'Tis the Damn Season

A Christmas track to rival Christmas Tree Farm? Taylor, you've outdone yourself.

How to listen? Sunset at the beach.

17. Getaway Car

Another underrated track, I will go to my grave defending Reputation and specifically this absolute banger. Getaway Car is an obvious ode to the breakdown of Swift's relationship with Calvin Harris and the beginning of her tumultuous time with Tom Hiddleston. The song is clever and on every party playlist I have.

How to listen: while cracking your first Vodka Cruiser.

16. Fearless

Nostalgia city.

How to listen? In the pouring rain, thickshake in hand and converse on.

15. Begin Again

Folklore foreshadowed?

How to listen? Take a deep breath in the mirror.

14. State of Grace

The opener to Red and it REALLY sets a tone of freedom.

How to listen? A long drive in a wide open space, the windows are down.

13. Should've Said No

Fuck. This. Song. Slaps. AHHHH.

How to listen? Using a hairbrush as a microphone.

12. Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince

This track is political and enjoyable, a rarity in the current climate.

How to listen? Walking in the world.

11. Holy Ground

An underrated Red track. I despise Red and find it her worst album, BUT Holy Ground and All Too Well (and Begin Again and State of Grace) are the saviours.

How to listen? Cooking pancakes on a Saturday morning.

10. I Did Something Bad

A bop.

How to listen? At the gym.

9. Sparks Fly

The live version on the Speak Now tour is INCREDIBLE. Sparks Fly was my shower karaoke go-to for YEARS in high school.

How to listen? It's year eight and you're putting your Baby Lips chapstick on and tightening your side pony. You are happy.

8. Cornelia Street

This song was defined by the Live in Paris version. Cornelia Street is transcendent and is a true testament to Taylor Swift's lyrical development. Cornelia Street accesses feelings I didn't even know I had.

How to listen? On the bus home from work.

7. Call It What You Want

Another hidden gem. This baby could've thrived if it was left to Lover. Truly underrated acoustic excellence (her rendition in Miss Americana is the perfect vision of this track).

How to listen? On a drive to brunch.

6. August

Imagery. Narrative. Excellence.

How to listen? Shower time. Soap city.

5. New Romantics

A hidden treasure. A gem that 1989 didn't give enough power to.

How to listen? During a spring clean.

4. Don't Blame Me

Fuck anyone who says Reputation isn't her best album (actually Folklore challenges it). Don't Blame Me is pure art. Reputation is my favourite nightmare and her ultimate alter-ego, high-gloss, stadium sound.

How to listen? With a hard drink in hand and dark lipstick on.

3. Betty

The most widely agreed top song from Folklore. Betty represents a familiar teenage narrative, a nostalgic story song, what Taylor does best. The imagery is thick and the sweetness among the heartbreak feels like walking a tightrope.

How to listen? In the Sunday afternoon sun.

2. Champagne Problems

This is the BEST song on Evermore. The only song to ever threaten the stability of All Too Well in first place. This song has the capacity to control my mood. It's beautiful, it's devastating. Taylor is PEAKING.

How to listen? Alongside All Too Well. What a shame she's fucked in the head.

1. All Too Well

The songwriter of a generation. The lyrics of this song cut like a fucking knife. The general non-Taylor public will never quite know anything because they don't know of this song. That is all.

No how to listen here, just listen.