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The tastiest 9 items on the IKEA menu, an investigation

We all know that both the IKEA cafeteria and downstairs post-register food part I don't know the name of always serve up a piping hot plate full of BARGAINS. But which items match cost with quality? When considering this ranking, I want to assure you, IKEA visiting readers, that the $ to tasty ratio was my primary consideration. As an admitted bargain hunter and simultaneous bottomless pit, I know a food deal and I hope my advice can provide insight into meals you've probably already got opinions on and don't need help with at all. Fantastic.

cover image source: https://onmilwaukee.com/articles/ikea-food-meatballs

7. 10x meatball dish

At a lean $7.95 with mash, gravy and that fancy jam (lingonberry? oomph love) I could chuck these balls down my gob on the daily. A swedish treat, I love the serving size and the price to match. I think this is the ideal portion size so you can grab a snack (read: ice cream and hot dog) and fit it in comfortably at the end with sufficient farts for the car ride home.

6. Apple Cider

At $3 a can, this beveragino is an always for me on the way out of this god-tier superstore. At 0.1% alcohol it really knocks me over for a good nap as soon as I get home, ensuring someone else will build the furniture we have bought.

Image source: ikea.com/au/en/p/cider-aepple-apple-cider-0-1-80306817/

5. Soft Serve

At $1.50 and in a waffle cone, I'm impressed by the IKEA market soft serve. An easy snack on the way out, it puts shame to the Maccas mini cone and provides creamy afternoon satisfaction and yes that does sound disgusting I now realise.

4. Garlic Bread

$2.50!!! For two chunky slabs!!!! Heaven loaf!!!! Picture for proof and I find it always looks like this, and food consistency is a big deal for me.

Image source: https://www.tripadvisor.com/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g1214782-d7621723-i251382697-Ikea-Springvale_Dandenong_Greater_Melbourne_Victoria.html

3. Lingonberry Jam

$4.50 for this jar of goodness!! It goes on meatballs for fuck sake it is a necessary condiment in your household (also their four bucky mustard a big yes).

Image source: https://www.ikea.com/au/en/p/sylt-lingon-lingonberry-jam-organic-10308626/

2. Breakfast with pork sausages

$4 if you're an IKEA family member!!!! Fuck a 20 dollar eggs benny!!! Capitalism hey?!!?!? Comes with good scrambled eggys (hard to come by honestly), bacon, fried tomato, a big slab of hash brown and two lil cocktail sausages. They also have a great veg breakfast option for five buckies as well.

1. The $1 IKEA hotdog

(I think the place you locate this is called the Swedish Food Market??? Yes????)

Fuck I would die for the mustard they put on dis sausage of goodness. I love a sausy, I would kill for unlimited $1 frankyfurts, Donut King charges like eight bucks a pop for a WORSE quality dawg. My perfect IKEA trip is the pork sausy breakfast, a long browse and a hot dog at the end. Triple Sausage Sunday feast. The diet of champions. Honestly Bunnings eat your snaggy little heart out. (They now also have a veggie hot dog at the same price!!!).

image source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/6p19vv/what_is_your_favorite_ikea_find_less_than_20/