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The seven times Miley stole the show

It’s not a secret that Miley Cyrus is our queen. We’ve been writing about her all week, released a podcast episode all about her, and we’re not done yet (but we will be at the end of the week, don’t worry). Ms Miley has a habit of stealing the fucking show whether its at the VMAs, in that scene in High School Musical 2, or as a featuring artist. Without further ado, here are seven times Miley’s appearance made a song.


will.i.am, French Montana, Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J

This had to take the top spot. 23 is a song for the ages, and I nearly died of happiness when MC performed it live in her Bangerz show I was #blessed enough to attend. This song is a fucking TRACK. I miss this era of Miley so much, although I think she’s in a better place now and am happy for her.

Feelin’ Myself

will.i.am, French Montana, Wiz Khalifa, Mustard

I had to check a few times if this song was the same as 23, but it in fact is not. While not quite at 23 status, this song is a banger and I highly recommend listening to it immediately.

Happy Xmas (War is Over)

Sean Ono Lennon, Mark Ronson

It’s hardly an original song, but we all love a Christmas cover. Miley takes the lead in this track, and I’m happy about it.

Ready, Set, Don’t Go

Billy Ray Cyrus

Here for this banger from 2007. Miley’s voice has changed so much in the last 13 years, and in this track she doesn’t have the distinct throaty edge we now know so well, but is quintessentially Miley. And there’s just something so sweet about her recording with her dad, we love a family duet.

MC in 23. Photo from Hollywood Reporter


Snoop Lion

Call me a Millennial, but I just can’t get over him actually naming himself Snoop Lion? Anyway. This is a kind of unlikely duo from 2013, but Miley is the highlight of this track. She did a lot of features in 2013. This was one of the lesser talked about ones, but it’s a bit of a mood.

We Belong to the Music


This song is so cute and wholesome and happy. You can tell from her voice that Miley was still kind of in the Disney-era and wasn’t delving deep into the rocky stuff she’s released more recently. This song is so quintessential 2009 and is frankly a bop.

I Got So High That I Saw Jesus

Honestly I’m not obsessed with this song, but it deserved a mention because Miley and Noah’s voices blend and harmonise so well. Miley’s voice is definitely stronger than Noah’s, but the song has a church-y vibe but in a cool way.