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The Prime Minister is underestimating us

Nobody likes being treated like they're powerless, but Scott Morrison has missed that memo. Either that or he has a blatant disregard for the people of Australia and simply doesn't think about us at all. Scott Morrison's upfront lies and dizzying political spin indicates one thing: he thinks Australians are just going to believe anything he says.

Let's take it back to December 2019, when things really started going wrong, although make to mistake, things weren't going great before that either. Scott Morrison takes a sick vacay to Hawaii so he can chill out with the fam and drink Mai Thais in peace. Fine in theory - everyone deserves a break (though with his terrible policies on minimum wage, casualisation of the workforce, and government assistance, not everyone can jet off to paradise). In response to his country's rightful outrage, he claimed he 'deserved' the holiday, and doubled down when probed.

Not much has changed in the PM's approach since the infamous Hawaii holiday. He deflects and shifts the blame at every opportunity. Can't get your vaccination? Blame the states! Cabinet minister accused of sexual assault? No place for him to comment! And the worst thing is that he uses the same bullshit excuses every time. And most of us don't fall for it. But he keeps doing it. He wants us to believe the reason the nation is well on its way to being fully vaxxed is because of him, when in fact it is despite him.

The Prime Minister underestimates us. He underestimates women, thinking he can placate us by sharing his wife's insights and sharing words written by his staffers at the Women's Safety Summit webinar. He underestimates young people, a group he makes absolutely no effort to engage with. He belittles us. He thinks we don't have the power to vote him out.

He has no regard for diverse Australians. He ignores the human rights of refugees and people seeking asylum. He creates fear around families locked in offshore detention. He claims a huge win with boat turnbacks, he was right by Tony Abbott when they victoriously declared they had 'stopped the boats'. He claimed to have saved lives - that's what they told us. When in reality, they were just hiding the deaths, ensuring refugees weren't losing their lives on or close to our shores.

The PM reactively announced equal payments for Paralympic medallists as Olympic medallists only upon huge backlash. While the outcome is a positive one for Paralympians, it was because we forced his hand. We, the people he underestimates constantly. We have the power to change things in this country. He wants us to think we don't, but we do. He wants us to accept what we're given, but we won't. He expects us to believe his every word, but we don't.

The PM might start to seem more tolerable as we near the impending election. His Paralympic medal announcement and his statements about opening up Australia are tied to the election lead up, there's no question. And he thinks he'll get away with it, pandering to what he thinks are the masses, but are likely just one demographic group that has huge influence and power in this country. He'll use the Murdoch press as his propaganda machine to inflate him and spread lies about the opposition. And he'll think it's enough. But it won't be. Not this time.