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The hottest sex scene on TV right now

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

If you'd told me that the hottest sex scene on television was going to be between two high school kids who'd had a surprise baby, that it was set on a single bed and involved breast milk, I would have said "that's weird, and a little creepy." But the actors who play the characters are in their 20s, I checked.

I'm proud to say that the scene that awoke my loins in a very serious way is from the Aussie show BUMP (available on Stan, and it's episode 8 you're looking for). It started as your pretty run of the mill make up scene. 16 year old boy proposes, his feminist girlfriend and baby mama says no, he gets upset, she is angry at him. Standard stuff. But one afternoon, after school, she hands her baby to her mum, gets changed, and heads over to his place to make up.

As I've already mentioned, the steamy scene is set in his teenage bedroom. It's dark for a reason I don't care to think about. There's a lot of blue. He's an artist, and his drawings cover the walls. The last time they hooked up they accidentally made a baby, so she came prepared with a cross-body bag full of condoms. For some reason they get hot and heavy while she still has the bag on. For some reason I liked that. The brain works in mysterious ways, and so does a woman's sex drive.

Anyway, they proceed to get it on in his single bed. It's kinda like Normal People except actually hot and not problematic. There's some hand action, the good kind (hand on vagina, not hand on penis). You can tell he's not aggressively finger-banging (that is important, take note). It goes for long enough to be extremely uncomfortable if you're watching with a parent, and long enough to let the mind wander and maybe, possibly, imagine that's you on the lap of a hot Chilean-Australian.

As she comes, her breasts leak milk (she's recently given birth incase you forgot, which I get because by that time I'd forgotten my own name). She's embarrassed, he's supportive, and I'm extremely turned on. He licks the breast milk. Excuse me, I have an appointment with my vibrator.

I still haven't recovered from the scene, but when I regained control of my fingers, I texted the friend who recommended I watch BUMP in the first place to get this response: I was watching that episode at 1am, I took a break to masturbate, then went back and finished the last two episodes.

I don't know who the creators are, but they have ruined me. I can't watch porn anymore. I can't stop thinking about the show. This damn sex scene has taken over my life. I've watched it 20 times. There's something about it that is just awkward enough to pass as believable teenage sex but something so mature about the handling of the breast milk.