• Kristin Perissinotto

Technology, not taxes!

The budget was handed down this week by the Liberal government and Treasurer Josh Frydenberg. Many media experts have labelled the budget as being for 'the next six weeks,' not the next year. This budget has been used as a marketing tactic for the Coalition, who is rumored to be announcing the election as soon as this week.

Unsurprising to anyone paying attention, there was a huge lack of funding for climate action. Zero dollars have been allocated to genuine and direct action on the climate. Despite this, Frydenberg told us that Australia is 'doing its part' and is 'on track to meet our (poor) net-zero target'. The budget includes some funding for low emissions technology, which the Libs tell us is the 'key' to the climate crisis. Frydenberg's chosen tagline was "technology, not taxes," a blatant catch cry to Liberal voters who only care about the tax breaks the party always delivers on.

If I may Mr Frydenberg, who exactly will be paying for this low emissions tech? Oh, what's that? It's coming out of OUR FUCKING TAXES. These clowns bank on the fact that voters are too fucking stupid to figure out where Australia's money for the entire budget comes from at all. I have news for you: the budget is our taxes. The PM and his cabinet are paid from our taxes... It is all. Our. Taxes.

Many of us were taught that taxes are the government robbing or stealing from us. We're told that taxes are boring (sorry accountants), and not a fun topic for women nor young people. My theory is that conservative governments are afraid of what might happen if we do all get across what the F tax even is and start asking questions.

If you've used a road, public transport, a street light, Medicare today, you've seen your tax dollars at work. Have you been admitted to a multi-day stay at a public hospital and paid nothing? That's your taxes at work. Do you take the bus to work? Taxes. Do you leave your car at the station and take a train? Taxes. Do you run in well-lit areas in the evening? Taxes. Do you take your dog to the local park? You guessed it - TAXES. Our future depends on fixing the climate crisis and that's where a portion of our taxes should go.

The overarching theme of climate and environmental spending in this budget is reactionary. Yes, some dedication of funds towards low emissions tech is good (although it should be significantly more), but why is it only happening now? Why a decade ago, when we had a chance at preventing climate devastation? The government is putting money into saving the koalas and the Great Barrier Reef, but what if we had been protecting both this whole time?

As usual, this government has avoided responsibility until the very last minute - the minute we're going to the polls.