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Take the weekend off with this wholesome content

It's been a week. It's been a month. It's been a year.

2021 has been a flurry of terrible news, with January full of US political BS (ie. Trump). Then parts of Australia went into a lockdown after threats of the new, mutant COVID strain from the UK. The PM went on holiday and left Michael McCormack in charge. Lots of disappointing stuff went down around 26 January, highlighting Australia's ongoing bigotry toward Indigenous Australians. A bunch of questionable political donations were brought to light, but the mainstream media didn't care to report on them (because the mainstream media were the ones donating). Craig Kelly did some f-ed up shit. Trump was acquitted. Facebook banned news, brought news back, and the government passed the News Media Bargaining Code, further enabling mainstream news outlets to thrive without actually improving their content. And in the past fortnight, there have been slews of allegations of sexual violence coming from Canberra, which mounted to a press conference with accused Minister Christian Porter denying all allegations of a historical rape case and Senator Lynda Reynolds calling Brittany Higgins a 'lying cow'.

One of the reasons we founded Cheek, and consequentially listed a lot of overwhelming news in the above paragraph, is because we believe it's crucial to stay informed and engaged. We as a public need to know what's going on, especially in our government. The government is there to protect the community and advocate for our interests. It's simply not acceptable to dismiss the news saying you're 'not interested' in politics. You need to be interested, or at the very least, informed.

In saying that, we believe it's also important to take a break sometimes, so after you've caught up with the latest (read from a variety of sources, especially if you consume mainstream news), here's some wholesome and uplifting content to enjoy this weekend while you take a fucking break from the bullshit.


Watch it on: Netflix

The new season of B99 is on and I have audibly cackled at a few Captain Holt one-liners. It's also one of those comfy shows that're good to re-watch when you need something expected and safe.


Watch it on: Stan

If you haven't watched Bump yet, why? Read our review here, and if you need more convincing, it has the Cheek-approved tick for best sex scene on TV. Ever. And when you're done, can we interest you in the podcast episode were we talked about Bump for 51 minutes straight?

The Marvelous Mrs Maisel

Watch it on: Amazon Prime

A three season-strong show about a woman comedian (wow) set in1950s New York City. The fashion is iconique, she's hilarious and edgy (especially for the time), and it's a tale of woman empowerment. The acting is great and the characters have depth. We love it.

Space Force

Watch it on: Netflix

Steven Carell stars in the quirky show about an alternate reality where Trump opens a space chapter of the US military. The best scene features Carell in a song and dance break to The Beach Boys hit Kokomo. Feast your eyes and ears:

The Vicar of Dibley

Watch it on: ABC iView

This is one you probably haven't heard about since you were home sick from school one day and were plonked in from of daytime TV. A light and easy watch from back in the day where life was simpler, and all you had to worry about was your parents finding out how many scoops you put in your Milo (it definitely wasn't the recommended three).

The Wrong Girl

Watch it on: Stan

The Wrong Girl

An Aussie production based on the novel of the same name written by Zoe Foster Blake follows Lily, a morning show producer, who leads a chaotic and comical life. It's an easy binge, and there are two seasons to sink into.


Watch it on: Stan

Hilary Duff stars in the New York-based show about a woman (not Hilary) who fakes her age to avoid workplace ageism and has to pretend she's two decades younger than she is. We love anything set in NYC, even if it is Brooklyn. And there's a bit of eye candy - bonus.