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#ScottyFromMarketing needs a meeting with the boss

We're 109 days into the year, and, it seems, on to the 109th day of a trending hashtag on Twitter with a new nickname for the Prime Minister. Barely a day goes by when Mr Morrison isn't the unwilling recipient of a new nickname-turned-hashtag. Today, he's had two. When I first logged in for the day, #ScottyTheLiar was trending. I've got no fucking idea what this was referring to TBH. It was too early to look into it and I wasn't ready to have my day ruined yet. This afternoon, #ScottyTheAnnouncer was trending. This one's pretty straightforward. It's the implication that the PM loves to ~announce~ but doesn't love to ~do~.

While these hashtags often make for a little chuckle (my favourite one was #ClotMorrison, trending the day the AZ vaccine was first said to cause blood clots), it's a pretty sad state of affairs. Almost every day this year, our esteemed PM has been trending on Twitter for doing something the Twittersphere labels dumb, incompetent, funny (in a bad way), or downright immoral. Which leads me to believe the following is true:

ScoMo has no idea.

I used to find his tendency to dig a hole deeper and deeper just a bit cringe-worthy. I used to sigh and shake my head at the TV or phone screen and think 'he's done it again'. I almost felt bad for him at some points. Almost. That swiftly changed the day he went on holidays in the middle of a tragic bushfire the doubled down on his 'right' to have a 'well deserved' holiday. Honestly man, what the absolute FUCK was that!?

But now I have a different perspective. As the famous George Bush says, fool me one time, shame on you, fool me twice, don't get fooled again. He's just completely out of touch. There's simply no other explanation. He's not suffering from foot-in-mouth syndrome, he just has no grasp or concept of the lives of everyday Australians.

Scotty has been told again and again what we want. It's downright impossible that he doesn't know. It's not even an argument of politics anymore, or the left vs. the right. It's an elected official deliberately not listening to the citizens who voted him in. He himself said that as voters, we are the 'boss' of elected officials, meaning him. We are. The boss. Of him.

What happens when the boss isn't happy with an employee? What happens when the employee isn't listening to the boss? They get ousted. Plain and simple.