• Kristin Perissinotto

Scott Morrison: the king of spin

Political spin. We hate it, most of us see through it, and, for the most part, it's on the decline.

The rise of Trump put another nail in the coffin that was the polished political spin masters. Back when the news media was less accessible for all and when newspapers came just once a day and were the only source of news, politicians leaned heavily on political spin to win campaigns and keep people happy. But in an age of media saturation, it's harder to trick people.

The nickname Scotty from Marketing came from the PM's former career in the tourism industry, and he 'oversaw' (whatever that means) Liberal campaigns after that. He's been criticised widely for his tendency to announce instead of actually do.

Here's where I would adamantly declare that WE WILL NOT BE FOOLED by Scott Morrison. Not again. Not this time. And yes, his approval ratings are at the lowest they've been since the black summer bushfires, where the PM thought it was a good time to duck off to Hawaii instead of doing his fucking job in the midst of a national fucking crisis.

But that's just not the reality. People are still being tricked by him. Or worse, they're apathetic. The only thing Scott Morrison does is talk. He talks about plans, he talks about the future, and he talks about what he's talked about. His government isn't focussed on action, they're focussed on talk, on announcements, on ~plans.~ If I had a dollar for every time Scott mentioned some plans, I'd actually qualify for his tax breaks.

I'm sick of Scott Morrison, but what I'm even more sick of is seeing people believe his bullshit. His government accused the Labor Party last election of 'trying to steal the weekend,' (which, by the way, was secured by the union movement that predominately makes up the support and backing of Labor) by incentivising electric cars. Now Scotty is all about electric cars, and especially the photo ops they provide (take one of me plugging it in!). Now I know four years is a long time and we forget, but come ON people.

This isn't the leftist agenda, it's not woke inner-city progressive whinging, this shit is DOCUMENTED. Scott Morrison has lied. Scott Morrison has done a backflip on electric vehicles. He has made vague promises that aren't delivered. He says things that he thinks will make voters think he cares. About net zero, about women, about refugees. But the proof is in the policy - he doesn't follow through.

Scott Morrison has shown us one thing in his time as PM, and that's that we can't believe his words. And a few minutes of Googling will show that. And I know we don't vote for the PM, but he acts on behalf of his party and the National party. The net zero debacle showed us that the Nationals have a shit load of power in this country, despite having barely any elected reps. A vote for your local Liberal or LNP member is a vote to continue the lies.

We're not empowered voters, as a nation. There's a lot of secrecy around politics, the media is overwhelmingly and unashamedly conservative, and we aren't taught anything meaningful about the voting system at school. But black summer backing into a global pandemic has put our politicians further in the spotlight than they have been in recent history. Everyone has seen the Prime Minister's actions. The information is so available to the majority of voting Australians. It's our responsibility to find it. So let's do that. Let's seek it out and vote him out.