• Kristin Perissinotto

Scott Morrison is not the victim

The words victim, underdog, and oppressed have two things in common. 1. They are three things Scott Morrison is not. 2. They are three things Scott Morrison wants to tell us he is.

The conservative right hasn't always been this way. It used to stand for free trade, hands-off governing, and economic strength. I'm happy to admit that. Well not happy. But I will. But today, the Liberal Party has built a platform off "empowering" the most privileged in our society. And their leader, Scott Morrison, is the epitome of that. The PM is painting himself as a victim of the 'woke left,' and people who criticise his leadership and decision-making - something we as voters are fully entitled to do.

This week, the PM decided the most important thing for him to do was to flag that he TEXTED Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese telling him that he was IN FACT going to Hawaii on holiday. Why did he do that? Fucked if I know. After every mainstream media platform got on to this and the news well and truly blew up, Morrison turned around and said that continuing to bring up his infamous Hawaii holiday was 'personal sledging'. Not holding a leader accountable for peacing out when his country was in one of the worst crises ever. Apparently.

The PM has tried to paint himself as the underdog. The person holding a position in the highest office. An underdog. What planet are you on Scotty? It begs the question as to whether he's really that deluded or just thinks his voters can be so easily manipulated. Not only does Scott Morrison hold almost every ounce of privilege available to a person in the western world (white, powerful, male, straight, upper class, able-bodied, middle-aged, etc.), but he's also the Prime Minister for fuck's sake.

The religious discrimination bill, introduced today, is a manifestation of the (incorrect) belief Scott has that he's somehow part of, and the voice for, a repressed group. Religious discrimination bills have been seen in a number of iterations over the past years. This one, though watered down, will still "empower" powerful bodies to exclude people based on their religion, lifestyle, and sexuality (to just name a few). Liberal Senator Amanda Stoker told Fran Kelly on ABC Radio that, under the bill, a religious school would be allowed to fire a gay teacher.

Scott Morrison's 'poor me' show isn't a simple election strategy. It's leaked into legislation already. It's allowed him to worm his way out of taking responsibility. It's prevented genuine change and reform in women's safety and protection. It's not just a political game. It's dangerous.

Scott Morrison is painting himself as a 'hero' for powerful oppressors who think equality and fairness might get in the way of their attempts to take over this country. We all know at least one of these people. It's the person who 'just can't keep up' with the 'woke PC language,' and instead use racist, sexist, and homophobic slurs. It's the person who thinks making a cake for a same-gender wedding is oppression. It's the man who thinks he should make decisions about a woman's body despite not knowing their anatomy. What Scott Morrison is doing isn't harmless. It's fucking dangerous.