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I agree with ScoMo for the first time (EMOTIONAL)

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Our Prime Minister Scott Morrison has recently (finally) spoken out on the state of the US election in a press conference. He said a few things. Some I agree with and some I really don't.

The Good

ScoMo has vowed to work as closely with Biden as he has in the past with Trump. Even though the PM has been photographed too many times with the Orange, I did find the inference in this question a little insulting. Call me naïve, but ScoMo's brand of conservatism is hardly aligned with Trump's.

The PM made it very clear that he would be moving on with business when all the votes are counted and when the election is declared. Even though he didn't say it outright, this comment was obviously a rejection of Trump's temper tantrum-fuelled 'law suits'. He could have been a little stronger in his wording on it, but I will give him a passing grade of 55%.

A journalist asked him for a response to Shadow Minister Albanese's call for ScoMo to 'call Trump and tell him that democracy is important.' The PM states finding it "frankly... a little... odd." Now I'm happy to say I have never agreed with ScoMo more than in this moment. The inference that all D. Trump needs to get his act together is for the Australian Prime Minister to call him up and tell him to short out his shit and get on with democracy is honestly comical.

The Bad

He said, and I quote, "[The US] institutions are incredibly strong." ScoMo do not INSULT us like this. If we have learned one thing from this election, it's that American democratic system is a complete mess.

ScoMo wouldn't admit that Trump is lying about his electoral fraud claims. The PM said that he is 'not a participant' of the US democratic system and wishes to stay that way. I understand why he said it, but again, some stronger language would have been nice. Just below a passing grade for this one, with 40%.

The Ugly

He referred to the US-AUS relationship as 'wide and deep'. I mean...

The old mate behind him smiling and letting out the occasional chuckle was a little odd. He reminded me of the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood, about to have a ScoMo steak for dinner.

He pronounces 'mature' with a hard 't'. Like mat-u-ah. I just don't like that.