• Kristin Perissinotto

REVIEW: TALA activewear

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Star Rating: 5/5

Price: 5/5

Product Execution: 5/5

Customer satisfaction: 4.5/5

I’ve followed Grace Beverly (formerly known as Grace Fit UK) for years, and was really excited when she announced the launch of her sustainable activewear brand TALA. I have a small collection of her resistance bands which I used every day of lockdown, but I had never made the commitment to purchasing TALA because I frankly despise buying online. My body shape isn’t catered for across the board, and I always hesitate to purchase anything that’s not a sock or a stretchy T-shirt.

Hosta shorts and Zahara bra. Images from www.wearetala.com

If I had a dollar for the number of times I’ve put a stack of TALA items into my shopping cart only to click later shut the page, I could afford to be a majority shareholder of the company. TALA models are diverse absolutely, but none are my specific combination of muscly but not lean, short, and broad-shouldered. Basically, small-but-big, or big-but-small (whichever you prefer). I love the sustainable focus of TALA, and if they had a store in my city, I would be there as fast as my big-but-small legs could take me.

I don’t remember why I eventually bit the bullet, but I finally got myself a set of up-cycled polyamide shorts and top/sports bra, both in size large after comparing my measurements to the sizing guide. I was really dubious of the sizing, as I would usually be a medium, but I trusted the guide.

They took a little while to arrive, but not excessively long given I am on the opposite side of the world to their factory (honestly I’ve forgotten how long it took). As soon as I opened the package I noticed the material. It’s thick and the quality is immediately apparent. The shorts looked to be the perfect size, but the top appeared a little big.

I tried them on, and was even more impressed. I had read and watched tonnes of great reviews, but again, not by anyone who looked like me, so I just didn’t know what to expect. The compression was definitely… present. The shorts took a strong tug to get on, and are probably hard to take off after a few hours of sweating into them (will keep you posted, don’t worry). My biggest concern (apart from Trump refusing to leave the White House and climate change) was the bands around the leg holes, which I felt sure would cut into my legs, but they somehow didn’t. The waistband doesn’t cut in either (how do they do this please).

The top fit pretty well, but the band around the bottom is a bit loose. I don’t mind too much, and I have noticed this happening on some of the website models as well (I think it all comes down to body composition and size), but I wouldn’t size down as the rest is perfect. The size guide did not let me down. As soon as I had tried them on, I was ready to hop back onto the website and order ALL of the products in ALL of the colours. I have refrained thus far, but it’s really just a matter of time.

I love supporting women-owned businesses (and Grace is only 23 HELLO this woman is quite something), and I love supporting sustainable businesses, so I honestly would have been happy if the pieces were good. But they were truly excellent. Higher quality than any other piece of activewear I own (which is a lot), cheaper than the likes of Lululemon and Lorna Jane, more sustainable than pretty much all of the competing brands, and celebratory of a diverse range of bodies.

We love to see it and I love to wear it.