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REVIEW: Kin Fertility

Overall Star Rating: 4.2/5

Price: 3.7/5

Product Execution (looks like the advert?): 5/5

My Satisfaction: 4/5

The Pitch:

What is Kin Fertility Claiming to Offer?

“The contraceptive pill delivered to your door. Kin lets you ditch the in-person doctor’s appointment, without compromising quality healthcare”.

Kin is Australia's first contraceptive subscription service, assisting time-poor menstruators by connecting us with GP's and pharmacies, removing the hassle through a fully-online service.

Website: https://kinfertility.com.au/

Instagram: kin.fertility

The Facts:

What’s Included?

A Kin annual membership is $55. This membership includes online doctor’s visits, consults with an Australian-based doctor and pharmacist, discrete delivery of the pill to your door, automatic script refills and access to a well-priced pill, with over thirty types available.

Image: https://kinfertility.com.au/

The Truth:

My Experience with Kin

I was shocked by the efficiency of Kin. I signed up on a Saturday morning at 8am. Signing up included a series of straightforward health questions including my medical history and my experiences with the contraceptive pill. By 11am I had a prescription emailed to me by my assigned doctor, I then purchased my pill (Estelle) which cost twenty bucks for a three month supply, by Tuesday the pill was on my doorstep. Essentially, you’re paying for convenience. For me, this means not inducing a festival of bleeding by pure consequence of forgetting to book my doctor’s appointment or fill out my script in a race against the uterine clock. Kin is a prime product for a specific audience. Kin is aimed at the time-poor and is an efficient and effective product with clear and consistent pricing, funky packaging and a progressive attitude. I will be enjoying many more years as a Kin member as I am allergic to wasting days off on doctor’s appointments, chemist queues and accidental organ shedding. However, it is a mildly pricey service in which you are primarily paying for delivery.

The Extra Bits:

What else was noteworthy?

The Packaging.

It included a groovy casing for a blister pack of pills, some funky stickers and a lovely discrete purple box. I love having things delivered and the bit and bobs they include just make it a more fun surprise to come home to.


A series of journals exploring culture and women’s rights by Kin. From stories, musings, experiences and health pieces, it’s one of the few email subscriptions I genuinely enjoy in my inbox.

Image: https://kinfertility.com.au/tidings


Kin has a range of health guides providing insight into fertility, menstruation and sexual health. Featuring topics ranging from egg freezing to self-isolation to maternity leave, Kin allows users to explore a range of research, it’s not the kind of thing I actively read about BUT each time I return to check my account I ALWAYS end up on an hour long deep-scroll and learn a heap of info I had never considered before about reproductive health.

Image: https://kinfertility.com.au/guides