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Post your nudes in peace

Many, many celebs have been accused of bandwagoning when it comes to feminism. Staying silent for years until feminism started becoming a ‘cool’ concept that people were happy to get on board with. But this concept has been analysed to death and I have nothing to add. But what I do want to talk about is the infiltration into Instagram captions.

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You know what I’m talking about, the provocative and sexy pics on Instagram accompanied by a caption that requires at least two scrolls to read and might be (CONTINUED IN THE FIRST COMMENT). Let me get this straight before any of you try to cancel me, it’s FINE that people want to post sxc pics on IG. Everyone has a right to do what they want with their body. It’s a reflection of our hyper-sexualised society and that is not any individual’s responsibility to change. But the fucking captions have to stop.

A semi-nude pic accompanied by a caption about how you cut your own fringe today or decided to speak up about inequality is total bs. You’re not posting to advocate. You’re not posting about your new hair, you’re posting about your hot bod. Which is okay. IT IS OKAY. Just post the pic, you don’t need to make it ~about~ anything. Social media is about likes and views and Instagram is about hot pics. I don’t like it, but that’s how it is. You’re not getting a double tap for your home hairdressing skills. You’re getting it for the peek of a nipple. And that’s okay.

I want to see some booty pics simply captioned with the peach emoji. Why doesn’t anyone use it anymore by the way. PLEASE for the love of god, stop with the thirst-trap-turned-empowerment-essay. This phenomenon has infiltrated into every corner of Instagram, but one of the worst offenders is the fitness industry (shocking). I don’t know how many times I’ve seen an IG ‘fitness coach’ post a workout from a low and rear angle. Like, come ON. You are not helping us by providing a free workout. You’re showing off your butt. Just be honest. Please. We are not idiots. Most of the time that angle doesn’t even show how to do the exercise because you can’t see how to do the fucking exercise. It hurts me.

Think I’m being harsh? Lili Reinhart got absolutely slaughtered for doing this in June. Read this if you’ve forgotten.

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This whole thing makes me mad, in case that wasn’t obvious. But when I’ve cooled down a bit, I try to think of why people are doing it. And the ideas I’ve come up with make me more sad than mad.

Not wanting to appear vapid

I would say with almost 100% certainty that this has something to do with it. Society shames women (particularly) for showing our bodies. At the same time, it tells us we are nothing but I will put that aside for now. Social media users feel the need to find a reason for posting that hot pic because posting it alone is vapid/self-absorbed/other negative stereotype that you don’t want to be. If you’re pairing it with a message about empowerment or goals or something similarly ~aspirational~ it’s okay. Apparently.

Bodies get attention

I have heard some influencers talk about this phenomenon, and this is exactly what Lili Reinhart did. They utilise the attention to bring awareness to a certain issue. While I would argue that this is utilising the patriarchal bargain (check out our explainer of the concept here), it happens a lot, and I guess you could say there’s some merit to it? Maybe? I still don’t like it.

Feed aesthetic

Ugh, the worst offender of all. It pains me to write this one, but some users just want to keep their feed aesthetic no matter what. This was a topic of conversation after the Instagram black tile issue of 2020. Shoutout to influencers who want to bandwagon on the latest issue but can’t ruin their IG aesthetic! You’re the real ones!

In closing, I have a message. A plea perhaps. Just post your fucking nudes (or semi-nudes, or butt pics, or bikini shots). Post them with abandon and without shame. Post them with a caption of sxc emojis or a simple ‘my butt’. Just post your nudes in peace.