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Morrison government attempts to legalise deporting Indigenous Australians

In February of 2020, a landmark high court ruling determined that Aboriginal Australians cannot be deported - which might sound quite bizarre, as Aboriginal people are, as we know, the only true natives of this country. Today, news has broken that the Morrison government is trying to overturn this ruling and make it legal to deport First Nations people.

The case in 2020 involved two Indigenous men (both with one Aboriginal parent) who were born in Papua New Guinea and New Zealand. The two had their visas revoked upon being released from prison after serving their sentences and were taken to a Brisbane immigration centre where they were told they would be deported. The men won their cases and the Commonwealth was ordered to pay all legal fees.

Only 18 months down the track, and the government is attempting to overturn this ruling. Two judges who ruled in favour of the plaintiffs have since retired, and it appears the federal government are taking this as an opportunity to overturn the ruling - this is where our tax dollars are going. It is so dangerous and disheartening to see conservative governments not only refusing to progress with society but also to try and reverse the progress we have made as a country.

And it's not just left-leaning. accusatory journalists saying this, the now-Assistant Attorney-General Amanda Stoker noted in a research paper in June 2020, that given the two retirements “there is a significant possibility that a reconstituted bench would reconsider the decision in the event of challenge”.

This is blatant racism towards Indigenous Australians.

In 1770, Captain James Cook reached the shores of what we now call Australia. He and his army committed mass genocide of First Nations people. Europeans continued coming to Australia and growing their families. In 1901, we introduced the White Australia policy, bringing more migrants from white nations to our shores. The policy was eventually abolished, and Australia named itself a 'multicultural country'. Throughout this time, from the mid-1800s right up until the 1970s, Aboriginal children were removed from their families - the Stolen Generations. Now First Nations people make up only 3.3% of the population. Now the government is fighting to be able to deport Indigenous Australians.

Fighting to deport the First Nations People of this country.

This attempt is appalling. It's disgusting. Australians of every background should be ashamed that the government is doing this in our name. This government has already made their feelings towards international refugees known - they don't care. They have no empathy or sense of humanity for people seeking asylum from their home country, people fleeing prosecution with their families, people who have spent all their money and risked so much to try for a better life in Australia. The government will tell us they are a threat - coming from countries experiencing so much terror. But to attempt to take the same approach for a culture that has been here in this country for 65 000 years - what's their excuse for that?

This government is not protecting us from criminals or terrorist threats - they are trying to remove and ostracise people of colour. They are widening the divide. They are fostering an 'us vs. them' mentality. It's irresponsible, it's dangerous, it's discriminatory, and it's just plain wrong.