• Kristin Perissinotto

Leave car antlers alone!

What does sharing your Spotify Wrapped, putting reindeer antlers on your car, and hanging live laugh love signs have in common? Two things. 1. They are completely harmless ways to have a moment of enjoyment, and 2. People shit on them.

Particularly in 2020, when the world is totally fucked and a lot of us won’t even get to see loved ones for Christmas or have a relaxing break because there is literally nothing to be relaxed about, why are we treating Spotify wrapped shares with the vitriol that should be reserved for Pauline Hanson and people at work who say “hey girlie!”?

Some behaviours are worth a bit of playful teasing, like buying a Rupi Kaur book just so you can post it to your grid next to a watery cup of chai and a vase of cotton stems. That’s a little annoying. Others are fully fireable offences like putting a headband on your baby so people know it’s a girl. I’m not saying we should let everyone off the hook for silly things they do. Your baby isn’t an accessory, it doesn’t even have any concept of gender yet. It’s skull isn’t even fully fused, give the poor kid a break. But when people are having a bit of fun bragging about having listened to 60 000 hours of Miley Cyrus or bringing some festive spirit to their vehicle, can we just leave them be? Live Laugh Love decor isn’t really my thing, but a curly white sign never hurt anyone.

So why is this happening?

I’ve been stewing over this issue since Spotify Wrapped dropped, and I can’t decide why people feel the need to drag others for these so-called offences. I’ve pared it down to three potential reasons.

People hate their lives and need to make everyone else’s miserable

This fits in with the ‘mightier than thou’ mentality that lots of people have. Like, we get it, you have over 500 connections on LinkedIn, you read the New York Times to get all your news, and your only hobby is cycling. You’re bored and hate the #grind culture that you are partially responsible for creating. I get it. Try leaving work before 6pm and eating breakfast for enjoyment instead of #fuel.

People are mean

This might seem a tad juvenile but honestly some people are just mean. I’m all for calling out injustices and I am literally building a career on analysing the scandals and missteps of politicians and public figures, but you can bet I know where the line is. Pointing out ScoMo’s failings as a leader when he repeatedly doesn’t fact check before speaking? My right as a voting citizen. Making memes out of pics of him in a Speedo? Mean.

Unoriginality and thirst for likes

Twitter is an absolute cesspit most of the time, and a sure fire way to get some retweets when nothing much is happening in parliament house is to make fun of some innocent person (usually a woman) who was innocently going about their day, looking to be momentarily distracted from the fiery death we are quickly approaching as we continue to ignore the reality of climate change.

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of harmless fun or silliness. Will car antlers save the world? No. but might they inject some cheer into the day of a child? Maybe. Will they provide humour for fellow road users when Christmas traffic causes the driver of a Hyundai dressed as Rudolph to honk angrily at a pedestrian? I think so, that would be quite comical. This might be the most controversial thing I’ve ever said on the internet, but what’s wrong with some Live Laugh Love signage? Yes, they represent a certain demographic of women who are known to be a bit out of touch, but can we just leave it alone? Save the hatred for when the owner of the signs shares something low key Trumpian on Facebook.