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It's not over until the orange man leaves

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

It’s been a few days since we wrote on the US election, but here we are again. The election has all but been called, and Biden is looking at a comfortable win. I don’t want to skate past this fact too quickly, because a Democrat win is really, really important for America. I also don’t want to skip over the significance of Kamala Harris being the first woman in the white house, the first Black, and the first south-east Asian VP.

All of these things are great, but…

It’s not over yet. In the lead up to the election, no part of me thought this would be the outcome. I was ready for a Trump victory, either because I thought he held too much influence, the gerrymandering would pay off, or simply because I couldn’t stand the disappointment again (2016 PTSD).

But I was equally as scared of a Biden victory. What would Trump do if he lost? He has said (on the record) that he will not concede. He still has a few months to wreak havoc in the US. I believed he would do as much damage in the few months before inauguration as he would have in another four year term.

Part of me believed that the easiest outcome would be a Trump victory. Limited need for civil unrest, no threat of a dictatorship (at least for the time being), and the Trump supporters wouldn’t have cause to start pointing rifles out of their top windows like something from Monty Python. I’m glad this wasn’t the outcome, but I’m still very concerned.

We know what Trump is planning, or trying to plan. This plan was predicted by our Aussie mate and Trump expert Johnathan Swan a few weeks ago. Trump tried to call the election early, and is now casting doubt over the results. To many of us (especially those in a lefty bubble) this seems ridiculous. Ludicrous! Unbelievable!

But he has power. Look, he probably won’t win the lawsuits, and the recounts won’t change the outcome, but he still has months in office. He is still the president, and now his ego is majorly bruised and he is as mad as a bear prematurely woken up from hibernation. Trump loves a war (in whatever form that takes), and he has shown he will start one.

His supporters are hanging on to every word he says (just go and look at Twitter). The threat is still there, and I doubt the US will make it to 20 January unscathed. I gave a moment to celebrate the Biden-Harris win, and I let out a small breath of relief when the count ticked over 270. But it’s far from over, and I am waiting for the cruel plot twist before the movie ends.