• Kristin Perissinotto

It's not a grievance with a boss, it's governmental instability

Fuck me. Australian politics has dissolved very quickly into year nine drama and shit slinging territory in 2022. While we were off to a bit of a slow start this year with COVID numbers higher than ever in many places in the country, this past week has made up for it. And while I feel more disgusted than ever by the Morrison government - quite a feat, mind you - I can't help but feel a tingling of excitement. This government is - surely - done for.

Mean texts. We all send them, some of us regret them, some of us wear them with pride. While I would like to go on the record and admit that I felt the exposing of the first of these texts by Peter Van Onselen at the Press Club was a little snakey. It PAINS me to admit that I felt a twinge of empathy for the PM when he was asked about the texts on a public stage. Crucify me if you want, I probably deserve it. I just cringed when I saw how he reacted to the Liberal dirty laundry being aired so, so publicly.

In the moment, I simply felt it was a little irrelevant what a disgraced, former Premier of NSW had to say about Scott. We already knew the two didn't like her. And while I did get caught up in a brief game of guess-the-source, I didn't really care who leaked the texts and who was on the other side of the messaging exchange. And I still think it's all a bit petty. I found Barnaby's text a little more relevant, more interesting, being it was from our Black Summer season and it called Scott a liar - something every Australian who isn't absolutely buried in the sand already knows. BUT it all shows serious instability in the government.

Former NSW Premier Bob Carr has just yesterday publicly accused Peter Dutton of sending and leaking the texts. Dutton, predictably, denies it, but Carr claims he has rock-solid evidence. This will undoubtedly continue to unfold.

Sure, we've all had grievances with our bosses every now and then, but this is simply incomparable. Scott Morrison is the leader of the fucking country. He represents every single Australian, whether we like it or not. Whether we feel represented by him or not. Whether he takes our interests seriously or not. If Scott's own fucking party can't trust him, or at the very least, can't keep their cakeholes shut, then what chance does the public have (and WHY WOULD WE BE) trusting him?

To everyone claiming the texts are a distraction, no the fuck they're not. They are the THING, they are the MOMENT, they are THE MOST IMPORTANT. It's not that they were sent, it's not even really about what they say, it's about the fact that we know. I'd bet my firstborn child that there are incriminating texts out there about every single elected official in this country, of course there are. But we don't see them. We don't hear them read out at the Press Club or aired on TV. Because these people usually have each others' backs. But right now, they don't. Of course I'd prefer to see the government dealing with important legislation instead rather than leaking mean texts to the media, but this is fucking integral.

It's integral because it could change the Prime Minister. We might see a leadership spill in the Liberal Party soon. It's important because it might change the government in the upcoming election. It could be the last straw for Coalition voters. Sure, it's a little juicy, I can't pretend I'm not refreshing Twitter every five minutes in hope that I am among the FIRST to know when the next piece of news breaks. But it's not petty drama. It's destabilisation. It's the tides turning. It's a peak (so far) of Scott Morrison's poor and weak leadership over his past term in office. Dismissing the texts as petty drama isn't rising above, it's actually doing Morrison a favour. And I know you don't wanna do that.