• Kristin Perissinotto

Gladys loses her shit at PM, I lose my shit at Gladys

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

My opinion of Gladys Berejiklian is rocky at best, and not just because she's a Liberal. Her agile escape from crisis when she dated that alleged criminal was equal parts impressive and repulsive. She managed to wiggle her way out of that snafu like a middle-aged white man. And while part of me (the feminist part) felt a tiny bit of yas queen energy towards her, it was overridden by the part of me that knows it's totally unacceptable that a parliamentarian of the highest order can get out of a serious ethical issue with some metaphorical crocodile tears and a 'well I guess I'm just unlucky in love :('

It's hard to deny at this point that the NSW Premier is at least partially to blame for the abysmal COVID situation in the state. People much more qualified than I have attributed the explosion of cases to too-late lockdowns, confusing messaging, and relaxed rules. It's also hard to deny that the Prime Minister has the propensity to agree with Berejiklian given they're on the same side of politics, in fact, in the same party. Queensland or Victoria locking down? Scott Morrison not happy. Very worried about economy! Going over the top! NSW locking down? Scott thinks very good idea. Very safe. Must keep public health at top of mind. Good job Gladys.

But this week, it's come to light that it's not all paradise between the PM and NSW Premier, with news.com.au claiming Gladys “lost her shit” over claims that she ignored the Prime Minister’s advice to lock down the entire state days ago. A Minister said, “[Berejiklian] said, ‘If they want to start backgrounding on stuff like this, maybe it’s time I started leaking stuff that the PM says to me that never comes to fruition, like on vaccines’.” Not sure if you've been paying attention Gladys, but the entire fucking country is already aware that Scotty from Marketing has been lying about vaccines for the last year.

Here's the thing though. I despise the PM and all he stands for. Read literally any of my other articles or look at any of our memes. But Berejiklian is simply trying to deflect blame here. In my opinion, this story was probably leaked to the paper (owned by the Liberals' fave Mr. Murdoch) to give poor old Gladys a break. She can't come out against the PM openly, and this is the best she can do. And I'll admit, I have a particularly fiery dislike for the NSW Premier at the moment, due to her lack of leadership at this time, poor treatment of Dr. Chant, and seeming disdain for young people. It's her arrogance that gets me. Her stubborn refusal to admit that QLD, VIC, or WA leaders have done anything COVID-related well is offputting at best. Her constant digs at Queensland when we are currently on a streak of 0 new cases and have a population who actually follow the fucking rules is quite disgraceful. And her sharp 180 on sharing vaccines (refused to share with VIC, later demands VIC shares with her) was embarrassing.

Now I'm not saying every other Premier has risen above jabs at the PM. All the Labor Premiers have done it. It's politics. It has been exhausting and demoralising to see blame shifting between federal and state governments throughout the entire pandemic. But I haven't seen another Premier act this way, threaten to 'expose' the Prime Minister's secrets, lack any semblance of consistency. If you want my opinion, which I assume you do given how far you've read, Berejiklian just isn't used to being the target. The Labor Premiers are old hands at fending off the PM's attacks. But this time, Berejiklian is in the way of Morrison's plight to get his approval ratings back up. And she's not taking kindly to it.