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Fuck 'The Australian Way'

'The Australian Way' is trending on Twitter and has been in the news since Scott Morrison announced that our net-zero "plan" would be done 'The Australian Way'. He claims that 'The Australian Way' is to prioritize jobs, mitigate financial burden on citizens, and put regional and rural Australians in danger. As one of the worst countries in the whole fucking world on climate action, it seems 'The Australian Way' is more synonymous with ignoring the climate crisis to appease a vocal minority of climate change deniers.

What does it really mean to do anything 'The Australian Way'? Does it mean to suppress and erase serious issues in our history? Does it mean to claim multiculturalism in our tourism campaigns, and hide rampant racism in our society? Does it mean to label anyone who doesn't love this fucking country as being unpatriotic and a downer?

Some of us are lucky to live here - those of us who have white skin and good jobs and solid family structures. But 'The Australian Way' doesn't suit people who don't fit in that category. It doesn't benefit them. 'The Australian Way' should be to support our community, reach out to those who need it, open our borders to people who are unsafe in their home countries.

'The Australian Way' should be to make reparations to and reconciliate with First Nations People, whose land our ancestors stole by force. Instead, 'The Australian Way' is to ignore that history, erase it, hide it from our children and continue to foster the toxic us vs. them mentality that has been alive and well for centuries. That is 'The Australian Way'.

'The Australian Way' is to avoid the serious conversations, to keep conversations light, fun, entertaining. Don't bring up tough topics at family lunches or in the break room. Don't be a downer. Don't make it awkward. Don't hurt anyone's feelings. 'The Australian Way' is to make racist and sexist jokes, but balk at a suggestion that you're being racist or sexist. "It's just a joke! Lighten up!"

Our Prime Minister is expecting to be praised for doing things 'The Australian Way.' Soon he will travel to Glasglow and proudly present his path to net-zero, 'The Australian Way.' He'll stand in front of representatives from many countries, some of whom are world leaders in climate action, and all w=of whom will know how badly Australia performs in climate action. And he will do that in our name. In the name of all Australians.

Fuck 'The Australian Way.' It doesn't work, and it never has.