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FINALLY, a Christmas gift guide that isn't just shite candle and cologne recommendations

The Cheek Christmas gift guide aims to have all bases covered. That's why we categorise our suggestions by foremost identifying the category of person you're purchasing a goodie for (e.g. boyfriend, dog, evil mother-in-law, tacky boss) and provide three gift ideas at varying price points. Thank us for our wisdom on December 25th through Instagram or via email. Happy hunting and as per usual this is absolutely and in no way sponsored, we just wanna help out.

WARNING: This is part of a SERIES this is not every category of person we consider to exist. Thank you for your understanding, we are DRAGGING out content for clicks and I mean that in the most serious way.

Category one: Significant Other!! Or not even that significant maybe even a friend romance? Something to buy for yourself? Just overall goodness?

Price Point: $

Audible Membership

Click here for the range of gift price points, starting at $16

If you drive a lot, podcast frequently or want to read that bestseller but don't have the time..Audible is pure productivity. I use my membership to listen to books while shitting, showering, commuting, cooking and standing by the printer at work in order to avoid chatting to Karens. Each month of membership provides a credit for any book, subsequent books are only fifteen bucks.

Price Point: $$

Go-To Skincare packs

Click here to browse the range

I trust Zoe Foster Blake with my Spotify listens, I trust her with my skin and therefore I trust her with my life. Go-To won me over with their no-bullshit branding and just plain old funny-ness. They don't give a fuck about selling you the 'this cream was made from coffee beans and the tears of dolphins, hand-picked by our underpaid workers from the rainforest floor and delivered fresh to our lab' big brand absolute shite. They make great products and take the complicated out of skincare. They also have great packs for kiddies and the guys you meet on tinder who exfoliate with home brand shampoo. Specific shoutout to face hero xx love you boo.

Image: Go-To Skincare

Price Point: $$$

Brisbane Distillery Company: Gin School

Click here to book

At a cool $189.00 a person, this class isn't for everyone. Located in West End, this 2-hour distillery class provides you with four beverages and snackage throughout the evening as you produce your very own take-home bottle of gin. You'll choose from over 130 botanicals and create a strong, unique and extremely aesthetic bottle of heaven.

Category two: your GROOVY friend/colleague/niece/#bosschick who is too quirky and niche to buy for

Price Point: $ (14 buckies wow)

The Monki Anny lady print pot

Click here to experience the beauty of this lil cheap beautiful gal

She's just a lovely lil plant home, with a black backing and beautifully sketched naked bodies she is an absolute treasure for a night stand or island bench placement. Understated but groovy nonetheless, a truly lovely stocking filler.

Price Point: $$

Todo Waffle Maker

From Bunnings check out this mint green kitchen novelty here

It's a WAFFLE BOWL MAKER. I don't even quite know what that is but I like the colour and the shape and the vibes.

Image: Bunnings

Price Point: $$$

Rifle Paper Co. Personalised Flat Notes

Click here to check them out

Create a stationery set with ur literal face on it with these personalised paper + envelope combos which allow you to customise lettering and a portrait from their templated mix-and-match variety. This really is the gift for your letter writing niece or your published author friend or even a super cool boss. It's a particular type of person but it's personalised and cute af.

Image: Rifle Paper Co.

Category three: your boss/aunt/nice neighbour/your mate's partner who you aren't sure how hard to try for

Price point: $

Articulate (board game)

here for the best price

Yep, yep, yep I know you're like: are you fucking serious? a board game?

LISTEN TO ME. This shit is so FUN. This is the game you want someone to unwrap on christmas morning because it will make the day better. It is a brilliant and underrated board game. Just do it.

Image: Amazon AU

Price point: $$

Live Monstera Plant: Delivered by The Plants Project

Click here for the service at $49 dollar dollar bills

Select a pot colour, a size, a delivery date and away we go. Super easy and efficient and just a lovely addition to the home. A solid and thoughtful gift with no shitty wrapping and waste.

Price point: $$$

The Budgie Smuggler Store: Gift Pack

Clickity click here

Choose six cocktails to be boxed, gift wrapped and delivered to your lucky recipient. My recommendations are the peach southside and flower power cockys alongside some old favourites: the marg and espresso. You cannot go wrong with this one (unless they don't drink then use some common sense???)

Image: Budgie Smuggler Store