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Eight podcast recommendations for beginner listeners

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Everyone has a podcast these days. Unfortunately for everyone, most podcasts suck. It is often a challenge to find quality content amongst the noise. Luckily, here at Cheek we believe we know basically everything and wanted to use our gift to send you straight to the best content on the market.

Interesting and Educational as FUCK

1. Stuff You Should Know

I genuinely have so many knowledge gaps. This podcast isn’t actual NEWS as it happens, but if you need something broken down for you that might have been covered terribly in year eight or if you’re looking to just learn a fun fact, this one is for you. They’re great at breaking down current topical events and content and it’s delivered in a digestible and friendly way.

Episode Recommendations:

How the Escape from Alcatraz Worked

How Panic Attacks Work

How Ultrasounds Work

How do dogs perceive time?

2. Ted Talks Daily

I fucking love a Ted Talk. Sometimes in order to hit my productivity quota for the day I’ll watch a Ted Talk while shitting, showering, teeth-brushing or post-wank. They’re quick and easy, just like me and tbh I just absolutely love listening to great public speakers go absolutely off about their passions, studies and findings.

Episode Recommendations:

Do schools kill creativity? (my all-time favourite from Ken Robinson)

The US is addicted to incarceration. Here’s how to break the cycle.

The urgency of intersectionality

Image: Ken Robinson Ted Talks Education

3. This is Actually Happening

Bringing you extreme stories from those with the lived experience. With episode lengths ranging from 40-60 minutes, this pod features an impressive archive of close to 170 episodes to choose from. Notably, it’s Flex Mami approved.

Episode Recommendations:

What if someone you love committed a monstrous act?

What if you didn’t have any fear?

Image: Wondery

Just for fun

4. Armchair Expert

Extensive. Probably too much Dax Shepard. Still, very long and I love that for my faves.

Dax interviews all of the big guns. They are HOURS long. If you love someone, this is the pod to hear them on. I will always argue Dax makes it SLIGHTLY about him all the time but I still have a lot of love for this pod.

Episode Recommends:


Glennon Doyle

David Harbour

Kristen Bell (love their honesty, these eps are truly interesting explorations of marriage dynamics and I believe in their transparency)

Jim Jeffries (not a stan at all but listened to this to hear him out and liked it)

5. The Big Film Buffet

Fuck I love light film commentary, this relatively new poddy provides a three-course movie meal in a thirty-minute time slot. The episodes are designed to provide a premiere pick, a classic from the same genre and an additional recommendation for dessert. I just like these two they’re happy and fun to listen to while I’m meal prepping or hanging out washing.

6. Everyone has an Ex

Former Bachelorette Georgia Love’s doco-style series on breakups and the ever-fascinating stories behind them. Honestly, I didn't know anything about Georgia prior to listening to this pod but it is a solid listen and just great content all round. From prison sentences to cheating to funerals to prohibited relationships this shit is JUICY.

Episode Recommend:

Fraud with Danger (standout performer this ep)

Image: Everyone Has An Ex

When you’re looking to stay informed

7. The Signal

The ABC’s daily update. Deliciously compact at around 20 minutes. I cannot make ep recommendations because it really is just a lovely little informative snack while waiting for a train or walking to your overpriced lunch joint at work.

Image: ABC Australia

8. The Daily

The New York Times’s daily pod. Similiar to, The Signal, The daily provides a lil thirty minute snippet into the world around us. I LOVE the voice of the host, LOVE their Sunday read and just generally great coverage and reporting. Would not expect anything less from NYT.