• Hannah Ferguson

Eight movie recommendations for a Hungover Sunday

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

The concept behind a Sunday afternoon hangover flick is that it has just enough plot to keep you distracted from your own bloated, swirling gut and the hangxiety caused by what you don’t remember from the night before. These plot selections are accessible enough that you can allocate yourself various five minute breaks to gouge your own eyes out with a teaspoon in order to feel something other than your own throbbing, aching, lone surviving brain cell. As a viewing rule, you’re supposed to be wearing a sports bra with a dollop of leftover tzatziki on the left tit and a pair of XXXXXL basketball shorts so ugly Adam Sandler would approve in order to reach peak comfort couch levels.

8. Mr Right.

I don’t know why I’m particularly horny for the chemistry between Sam Rockwell and Anna Kendrick, but Mr Right is a quirky 90 minutes of really weird romance and assassinations. It has absolutely shit house reviews and it’s ratings are lower than my dying libido and yes it is just a touch problematic with Rockwell being a murderer and all but regardless, it is a top hangover pick for me personally.

How to watch? I recommend watching this bad boy with a bowl of freshly heated nachos and a Gatorade, it just feels right.

7. The Judge.

The vibe? Hot shot lawyer returns to small hometown for mother’s funeral, winds up having to stay longer than planned for an uncomfortably personal murder trial. One of the lightest movies featuring a murder trial maybe ever. Keeps you occupied and not thinking about your rapidly depleting brain cells and will to live. Also Vera Farmiga is in this alongside Downey Jr. and I would literally die for her she is such a minx.

How to watch? With a cup of tea and two slices of buttered toast (buttered to the corners, c’mon respect the process).

6. The Nice Guys.

Gosling and Crowe star as detectives in this action-comedy set in the late 1970’s. It’s fun, it’s flirty, it’s mostly moustaches walking around in suits but it deserved better at the box office and it’s a great post-afternoon nap in the sun viewing experience.

How to watch? Start it at 5 pm sharp and order yourself Uber Eats at 5.45 but pick something from the free delivery rotation- that’s my advice.

5. Definitely, Maybe.

Gah, the rom-com to end all other rom-coms. This movie is like a good poo in the morning. A love story mystery with three great gals (Isla Fisher, Elizabeth Banks and Rachel Weisz) starring as a trio of love interests in Ryan Reynolds’ life that he tells his daughter (Abigail Breslin) about. Reynolds is the best Ryan, this movie is all career-y and sexy-y and mystery-y and Isla Fisher could take a chainsaw to my index finger and I’d mail her a Hasbro card to say thank you bc she’s that damn likeable...and the movie just really does the job for me.

How to watch? With a hot chocolate and three mint slices, it also must be raining outside in a drizzle like fashion.

4. A Simple Favour.

Blake Lively’s outfits! Anna Kendrick’s shite mum YouTube channel! Such thriller vibes. Fun meets scary and there’s a yeast infection joke which really bumps the entire film up three points for me and it’s all just a big cauldron of waist coats and friend incest, great viewing content.

How to watch? With oven baked chicken tenders and a ginger beer.

3. Erin Brockovich.

Julia Roberts plays the character Erin Brockovich in the movie Erin Brockovich based on the real person Erin Brockovich. It’s the true story of a woman who helped win the largest settlement ever paid in a direct-action lawsuit. I just have such a big boner for a feel good movie where justice is SERVED. I would also pay big money to be within a 5km radius of Julia Roberts and her luscious hair. What. A. Woman.

How to watch? Watch while consuming a big glass of juice and a thick cut sandwich, it’s probably got vegemite and cheese on it.

2. Spotlight.

I have a very specific niche passion and that is: thrillers featuring a newspaper facing backlash over controversial investigative reporting. Let me tell you this one is the very essence of that passion. We’re talking Mark Ruffalo, we’re talking Rachel McAdams we’re talking one of the Batman’s - he’s old and white, Michael something. It’s a true story focused on the Spotlight team within The Boston Globe newspaper. These investigative reporters uncover the pervasiveness of child sex abuse within the Catholic church in Boston and expose it as a worldwide phenomenon. It’s A LOT and probably the heaviest plot in the list but damn it is a great Sunday afternoon watch.

How to watch? Big glass of Milo and a box of barbecue Shapes.

1. I, Tonya.

One of my top five favourite movies ever. It’s funny, true and devastating. I cannot recommend this baby enough. Margot Robbie is bloody legendary and Alison Janney wins the entire movie and you will watch it and you will love it. If you HATE this movie, email me. I will mail you a single crinkle-cut salt and vinegar chip via regular mail with my apologies. This movie is everything. The soundtrack. The stylistic choices. The horrendous outfits.

How to watch? Hot dogs for dinner (mustard and tomato sauce, no onion, yes to shredded cheese duh) and a big phat glass of Pepsi Max (three ice cubes).