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Dear Prime Minister

Hi Scott,

Yes, sorry, us again. I would be concerned I was bothering you, but you don't seem too busy at the moment.

I am growing tired, weary, disenchanted.

I’d have thought by now you were starting to feel the same, starting to see the light.

When young women talk of their fears about entering politics, they usually express concerns of what will pop up from the past, a drunk picture, a 2008 Facebook status, an embarrassing message thread with a friend.

What the fuck were we thinking? Why were we so concerned with our own appearances when the men who advise, lead and legislate inside the walls of parliament are allegedly spending their days raping co-workers, masturbating on office furniture, defaming constituents, referring to colleagues as ‘methhead cunts’, taking photographs up women’s skirts?

The unified response emerging from individuals and communities across the country is one of immeasurable strength, an amplification of grief and of outrage that I have not yet heard in my lifetime.

I have seen both Annastacia Palaszczuk and QLD LNP opposition leader, David Crisafulli, sign a letter to you pleading for a JobKeeper extension.

I have watched state Premiers and Health Ministers, who have worked tirelessly to protect us throughout the pandemic, respond to your attempt to shift the blame and the burden of a failed vaccine rollout onto them.

We are watching your party implode, the collateral damage and fallout being inflicted on the public, who have suffered enough over the last year.

There is a growing bipartisan consensus that you are failing Australians.

Are you ready to take responsibility?

Political scandals do not exist in a vacuum, this misconduct goes beyond toxic workplace culture, it erodes our legislation, our rights and our democracy.

Australia's ranking in the Wold Economic Forum's Gender Ranking fell 26 places this year, placing us 50th worldwide. This can be attributed to reductions in family benefits, childcare, education, Medicare and women's pay cuts, leading to our worst result ever.

Yet, 68% of men in this country approve of Scott Morrison. Disturbingly, the same approval rating as prior to the events of the last six weeks.

We are living in a country where ten year olds are being taken into custody, the same nation where middle-aged white men are taking empathy courses for criminal behaviour.

Reform for our institutions is overdue, a reshuffle of the cabinet isn't fooling anyone. It's time.