• Cheek

Breakup survival with Miley Cyrus

Who is better suited to get you through a breakup than the queen of the honest breakup song herself? We hope this guide gets you through the stages of breakup grief that bear serious resemblance to the stages of regular grief.

Sadness and denial

This is the first stage and it can appear different for many people. You might categorise it as shock or denial, but for some it’s a long time coming and there’s even a bit of relief. But you’re up and down every day, even every hour. It’s a time, and at its core, it is sadness. This is the time you are romanticising your relationship gone and thinking about a (possibly fictional) chance in the future when you might be able to make it work.

When I Look at You

This might not be a traditional choice, but you’re probably still feeling love for this person whether you want to or not. This tune is kind of a love song but it also has a lot of sadness.

Maybe You’re Right

It’s sad but it’s not like sad sad. Listen to this one in the part of the day you’re feeling a smidge better.

Miss You so Much

Pretty self explanatory really. This song has the added bonus of not having a super sad and moody tune so we find it cathartic but also a bit uplifting.

Wrecking Ball

The perfect transitional song to get you to the next phase, which is of course...

If you don't look like this while singing along to MC, you're wrong. Photo from Pinterest

Anger and partying

Pretty much the whole of the Bangerz album could be put into this category, but I’m going to pick out the best ones for you. Anger for you might mean taking up boxing or it might mean ripping up love letters. Partying might mean getting absolutely hammered with your besties or going HAM on the D floor (are we allowed to do that now? Unclear.). This is the ‘I don’t need them’ phase.


Obviously the perfect angry song. Nothing to add.

Can’t be Tamed

This song is about you. You can’t be tamed. Play it then play it again until you know every lyric and can sing it through in the shower even without the music.

We Can’t Stop

Again, an obvious choice to crank. A chance to learn how to twerk perhaps? There has never been a more opportune moment.

I'd trust her with my breakup and my life. Photo from Republic World

Acceptance and self-reflection

The phase we’re all waiting for. Sometimes it can take a while, but when you arrive here it feels oh so good. By this point, they aren’t the first thing you think of when you wake up. You can reflect on your memories together with fondness instead of blinding sadness and/or rage, and your life finally feels like it belongs to you again.

Slide Away

At first listen this song is just a cool listen with a cruisy sound, but the lyrics are very introspective. We love a self-reflective queen. Or king or non-binary royal.

Midnight Sky

One of MC’s most recent tracks is an anthem for the self-actualised listener. It’s also a great song to run to in the case that you got into running in your post-breakup journey.

Angels Like You

Approach with caution, as this won’t be for everyone in this final stage. This track has a tinge of sadness and reflection on a relationship that just wasn’t a good fit. It’s also Cheek’s pick for the standout on her new album, Plastic Hearts, so had to give it a little plug.