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Ben Lawson, CEO of my sex drive

Firefly Lane is the show I watch while I eat my second dinner. You may THINK you're confused by the category 'second dinner viewing', but you know exactly what I mean.

First dinner viewing is a political thriller, a news round up or a Gone Girl-esque ALL EYES ON SCREEN AFFAIR. It's your weekly episode of Q+A, a docu-drama. Engaging, discussion inducing main meal grit.

Firefly Lane is the more dishevelled weeknight experience. It's Wednesday, I'm downing a leftover glass of $8 wine. I have my hand down my pants. A raggedy bun. I am sneaking to the fridge to open the Tupperware container of dinner leftovers I was saving for my sad office lunch the next day. Firefly Lane is that wholesome in between. A sweet, sweet background noise. A perfect, tacky plot line. A second-dinner staple.

Until Johnny Ryan comes on screen.

Ben Lawson is the fire in Firefly Lane's belly. The pick-me-up when it all gets a little too tacky. I lean into Johnny Ryan (the most forced character name in history) and his love story with Mularkey when the rest grows too problematic.

Disclaimer: this isn't a review of Firefly Lane, this is a review of the gentle curve of Ben Lawson's god awful/sensual wig. Find our review here.

Quick bio on Benny: Lawson was born and raised in Brisvegas. He had a starring role in Neighbours as Frazer Yeats from 2006-2008. His role earned him a nomination for Most Popular New Male Talent at the 2007 Logies. He's shown up in 13 Reasons Why, No Strings Attached and starred alongside Laverne Cox in Doubt.

I was late to the Lawson party. I first discovered my love for sweet Brisneyland Ben in a particular vest he wore in the Oscar-nominated drama, Bombshell, in which Lawson and his real-life brother play Lachlan and James Murdoch. The vest overwhelmed me. I remember that fabric like I was at the cinema just yesterday. In Bombshell, my sex drive hired Ben Lawson as an executive assistant.

In Firefly Lane, he went straight to the executive board.

Ben Lawson made waves in the Australian media for sporting (lol) an old-school maroons jersey in an early episode of the show.

As someone who despises ball sports, why did a State of Origin nod provoke an ovary explosion?

Why is his wet-mop wig sending me to pleasure town?

I know why.

Despite my best efforts to distinguish myself from most parts of Australian culture, when I see this culture represented in American shows, I fucking MELT.

Seeing Lawson grow into a sex symbol by PURE VIRTUE OF HIS AUSTRALIAN ACCENT has me watching The Castle with PASSION. The sight of a State of Origin jersey left me in a panic, I felt an overwhelming desire to recite the script of Crocodile Dundee and cry.

I am shaking.

Ben, if you're reading this, we would like to have you on next week's podcast.

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