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Another man in cabinet with an unresolved allegation of sexual misconduct

Barnaby Joyce has won the National's leadership spill, making him our new Deputy Prime Minister.

He also has an unresolved allegation of sexual harassment against him.

Joyce resigned as leader of the National Party and deputy PM in 2018 following pressure after a sexual harassment allegation was made against him by a prominent WA businesswoman.

Barnaby described the accusation as 'defamatory' and categorically denied the allegation.

The National Party's investigation into the complaint of sexual harassment against the former deputy PM was inconclusive on the basis of 'insufficient evidence'.

Catherine Marriott, 2012 WA Rural Woman of the Year and a Broome councillor alleged that Barnaby Joyce sexually harassed her in Canberra after a function in 2016.

Marriott chose not to report the incident to the police or the National Party initially, as she knew the potential consequences of the personal experience being publicised.

When she lodged a confidential formal complaint with the National Party in February of 2018, her name and the details of her complaint were leaked to the media.

Catherine Marriott spoke out about her experience with the intention of 'improving the way political parties deal with complaints of sexual harassment.'

Her story and strength in the public eye has been met with Joyce's rise to the position he previously held. Deputy Prime Minister of our nation and leader of the Nationals.

When you ask survivors why they don't report, why they don't come forward and place their trauma in the public eye - look to our highest offices.

We now have two men in cabinet with unresolved complaints of sexual misconduct.