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Andrew Laming diagnosed with ADHD

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Samantha Maiden reports that Liberal MP Andrew Laming (known for the upskirt photo of a woman in her workplace and former gynaecologist) has recently been given a diagnosis of ADHD. He told Maiden that this 'explains some of his erratic and downright eccentric behaviour'. He also says the medication he is now on has changed his life, and described the diagnosis as a 'lightbulb moment'.

“As a medically trained person, I really genuinely just had no idea that ADHD and hyperactivity was an adult condition I just spoke honestly and openly with someone who understands ADHD intimately. It was very quick. I took medication the next day. On the second day, I am just absolutely clear on the biological nature of this. I was stunned that I had taken a tablet and the thoughts I had lived with, all my life, raging in my head were just polite.”

- Andrew Laming

He goes on to insist the diagnosis is 'not a free pass' for his behaviour, and that he isn't using it to get away with his actions.

MP Laming made headlines a few weeks back for allegedly taking an upskirt photo of a woman who was crouching down to fill a drinks fridge at her place of work. Laming denied it was an 'upskirt' photo, and claims you couldn't 'see anything'. He was forced to make an apology He is now pursuing Channel 9 for defamation over the allegations they made.

Some of the MP's colleagues and friends say that the ADHD diagnosis explains "why Andrew Laming is a dickhead." It's a wonder those friends remain associated with him if they find him to be a dickhead, but I digress.

While he insists the diagnosis is not an excuse for his behaviour, we are left to wonder why he picked this time to take the news public. A diagnosis can be hugely helpful for any individual struggling or trying to make sense of themselves or their life, but it leaves us with quite a few questions.