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Cheeky Guide: ethical gifts

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Hi there!

You’ve been sent this list because you just don’t know what to buy for your ~woke~ niece/grandchild/sibling’s partner that won’t offend them or cause massive anxiety and panic about the resources or child slave labor required to make it. We’re here to help you. You’re safe now.

Get it for: the vegan

Mushroom bucket

Buy it in Brisbane here

Mushroom buckets are, as you would expect, a bucket of mushroom. You give them a little spritz each day and they grow, then you harvest them, they grow, you harvest them, etc. etc. Mushroom Head is a local Brisbane supplier (linked above), but you can get them anywhere - just search for one in your area!

Milk Makeup

Buy it here

The ironically named Milk Makeup is perfect for the vegan makeup lover. They have stacks of cruelty-free products and they all work just as well as the chemically-filled versions. You can buy individual products or little sets!

How to be Vegan and Keep your Friends cookbook

Buy it here

It’s a perfect gift if you’re the person making fun of the vegan in your life. This cookbook has tasty recipes alongside tips for living a vegan lifestyle while all your friends are ripping flesh off the bone with their teeth across the table from you at every lunch.

Get it for: the activist

Clothing The Gap

Shop here

Clothing The Gap is a Victorian Aboriginal-owned and led social enterprise. They produce and sell ethically made clothing and items with a meaningful message about Australia’s history and Indigenous land rights.

Haus of Dizzy

Shop here

An activist will spot Haus of Dizzy earrings from a mile away. Haus of Dizzy sells handmade jewellery made in Melbourne, and is perfect for the person who wants to make a statement, communicate a message, or express their identity without saying a word.


Buy a subscription here

The Goodnewspaper was founded on the idea that not all news is doom and gloom. It features good news from around the world where people are making a difference. You can get a digital subscription for a few dollars a month!

Get it for: The person you’re spending a bit more for


Shop here

TALA is sustainable activewear for the eco-conscious person seeking comfy and performance-ready pieces! We highly, highly recommend TALA, and even reviewed some of their products. You can pick up some pieces or grab a gift card so your loved one can shop for themselves!

Peppermint Magazine subscription

Buy it here

Peppermint is a sustainable and ethically produced magazine created and published in Brisbane. It’s basically the evolved and ethical version of Girlfriend (RIP), and is available to purchase in print and digitally! The mag has cool features, interesting interviews, and even sewing tips.

Kobo eReader

Buy it here for $178

For the reader in your life who can’t find enough second hand books, may we suggest the Kobo eReader. It’s basically a Kindle but ethical. Your recipient will be oh so impressed that you skipped out on an Amazon product this Christmas (woke people hate Amazon - there’s no time to explain here, but you can Google it).

Get it for: your Secret Santa

Beeswax wrap

Buy them here for $18

Beeswax wraps are a must in a sustainable kitchen. You can make your own, but it’s a lot more time effective to pick them up from somewhere like Biome.

A pot plant

Buy it anywhere (preferably local small biz)

Everyone loves pot plants, especially young, woke Millennials. They are our children and we like to pretend putting potted plants inside is helping the planet in some way. I don’t really know if this is accurate, but it’s nice to have greenery around and it suits our aesthetic.

Pottery for the Planet mini vase

Buy it here

Pottery for the Planet sells unique, eco-friendly, handmade pottery, and you can’t go past this cute little guy. It’s perfect for a flower or three, and works on its own as well! And the organisation is ethically run and gives back to grassroots causes, so it’s a win for all.