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Acting Prime Minister is repugnant, my research shows

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

I have never voted for the Liberal National Party.

I find Scott Morrison insufferable.

But, Michael McCormack is in a league of his own.

McCormack, Australia’s current acting prime minister, the man who I find simultaneously so forgettable yet enraging, is facing major backlash for his absolutely repulsive commentary surrounding last week's United States Capitol siege. His statement that 'all lives matter' attempts to compare the attack by white supremacists in Washington D.C. to the prominent Black Lives Matter protests of 2020.

“The Black Lives Matter movement is a push back against racist policing and politics. In contrast, the Capitol riots were because the far right didn’t want to accept the results of a fair and democratic election."
- Michael McCormack

The 'all lives matter' claim made by McCormack is a popular slogan among racists attempting to diminish the power of the Black Lives Matter movement, a cause working to push back against racial injustice. To align this cause for equality with the violent insurrection which attempted to destabilise democracy in a bid to uphold a regime of white supremacy is quite simply, disgusting.

Something we don't tend to take note of in this country is the way our conservative politicians deflect and defend right wing extremists, burying this behaviour in a shallow grave right next to Clive Palmer's political dreams. The Michael’s, Scotty's and Pauline's of the world love to bash minority groups for simply existing, but when the flag is raised that the threat to the very foundations of our livelihood comes from a white person, they're suddenly on holiday or climbing Uluru.

Image: Pedestrian

Interestingly, it was only last week that Scott Morrison critiqued rioters in Washington for their violent acts. But perhaps more notably, Morrison would not provide commentary on the role of the current president in inciting the mob that threatened the United States Capitol. Scotty from marketing

ALSO managed to defend the rights of a Liberal MP on the grounds of free speech. This 'free speech' was the blatant and poisonous sharing of misinformation that argued Joe Biden had won the presidency through the securing of 'dodgy votes'. You literally cannot make this stuff up.

Acting Greens leader Nick McKim rightfully described McCormack’s statements as an attempt to take Australia down the dangerous path of 'post-truth politics'. His inability to comprehend the gravity of his words and the meaning they hold for people of colour in Australia is a testament to the current conservative landscape in Australia, a poison that is gradually eroding our democratic systems.

There is no place for comparison between fascist motivated terrorism in the U.S Capitol and the fight for justice following the murder of George Floyd. The thought that a person with those views currently sits in the office of the Prime Minister is disturbing, and won't be the worst thing to emerge in 2021.