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A show for every mood on every platform

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

This is our first ultimate TV show and movie recommendation list. No matter your streaming service situation and regardless of your mood, we've got a mega list of recommendations for you.

Literally nobody looks this cute when binging TV. Photo by JESHOOTS.com from Pexels

For when: you're feeling helpless

The world sucks and 2020 definitely sucks. Whether you just got turned down for a job you really wanted and for once were fully qualified for, or you've been reading Trump's Twitter feed every night before bed, watch one (or all) of these. On the Basis of Sex (on Netflix) is of course the RBG biopic. It's only recently come on to Australian Netflix, and is an uplifting watch. And I think the hype around RBG went away too fast, so let's bring it back. The Good Fight (on Stan) is actually a spin-off of The Good Wife, a legal drama that finished a few years ago. But the Good Fight is arguably better, definitely more diverse, and considerably more politically charged. They don't hold back with their digs at Trump. And the best news? There are three seasons to binge. Freeman (on iView) is a doco on the one and only Cathy Freeman. Again, why don't we talk about her more? Let's get her trending please!

For when: you need something to be annoyed at

Sometimes you need a good hate watch, and I have just the recommendation for you. Emily in Paris (on Netflix). It is so colossally shit. And not in the way that everyone says, it's not shit but addictive. It's just trash, pure and simple. And to all the people who said they hated it but just had to watch until the end. Pull yourself together. Just watch a few episodes until you've forgotten the reason you were annoyed in the first place. Terrible show.

For when: you want a semi-uncomfortable comedy

Sometimes you just want to feel really awkward by yourself in front of the TV, and when you are in the mood, you obviously can't go past The Office (on Stan). Obviously. But may I also propose trying out Shrill (on SBS on Demand)!? It's a great watch and definitely has Office-meets-Broad-City vibes.

For when: you want to learn something

I've learned more from Netflix docos than I have in my Master's degree. First and foremost, I have to recommend The Australian Dream (on iView), the ABC doco chronicling the story of Adam Goodes. If anyone in your life thinks racism doesn't exist in Australia, watch this with them (but don't tell them what it's about - let it be a surprise). On a lighter note, 7 Days Out (on Netflix) is a fun and interesting watch that documents the seven days preceding major events.

For when: you want a semi-problematic laugh

This should be a specific category of TV honestly. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (on Netflix) is a purposely-pushing-the-boundaries comedy with a cast you probably haven't seen before. It's weird, it's funny, and it will make you cringe a little but not as much as The Office. Which is why it's in this category. For other semi-problematic laughs, just watch basically any sit-com made in the 90s and please remember it was a reflection of the time and don't Tweet angrily about it, okay?

For when: you're tired

Our final category is for slumping on the couch after a long day of work/seeing draining friends/doing another annoying activity. Pen15 (on Stan) is a little stupid but pretty entertaining. You won't require any more than two braincells to watch it, and you won't miss anything if you get caught up looking at memes. Promise. I had another recommendation in this category but now I'm tired and I can't remember it, so I'm going to go and flop in front of Pen15 myself.

Happy watching, and stay tuned for the next list!