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Floating Flowers


Cheek Media Co. is a multi-platform, digital media project amplifying voices, stories and ideas that are first and foremost, real.


We want to challenge readers with renewed perspective and insight through thought-provoking lenses, whilst simultaneously offering painstakingly funny, playful and transparent material on taboo subject matter.


Cheek is where you come to understand an issue you’ve seen 467 people post about on Instagram but still don’t get it. Cheek is where you will find comfort and answers to career problems and your fifth existential crisis because you’re still getting spoken over at work. Cheek is where you look for a cute present idea for your best friend who was broken up with by a guy who she loved lots, and you were happy for them, but you kind of always knew it wouldn't work out. Cheek is here when you’re down about the world and just want to read a list of ultimate dating red flags or a painfully detailed recount of having to poo in the bushes on a hike while you’re on a first Tinder date with a guy who for some reason brought two of his roommates.


Cheek has it all.


Floating Flowers
Floating Flowers


The media industry has suffered substantial losses with the fall of major progressive news outlets in 2020. We created Cheek after seeing a distinct gap in the media market. A lack of websites, forums and platforms for progressive individuals and communities who want to remain informed, entertained and stimulated in both critical and creative news spheres.


Our purpose is to provide a platform to discuss serious concepts in dynamic, accessible and light-hearted ways. Cheek hopes to mobilise people who want to make change in their community but are too overwhelmed to know where to start (we also want to discuss whether it’s normal to have severe diarrhoea after a caramel popcorn at the cinema, but that’s really the variety Cheek brings to the party). 


Cheek offers readers and listeners a review of the best vibrator on the market, an Op-Ed on the inherent prejudice of the jury system in Australia, a real interview with a real person engaging in real change (not a tone deaf influencer) and a comparative analysis of Gaga’s ‘Five Foot Two’ and T-Swift’s ‘Miss Americana’ ...all in the same day.

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