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Focusing primarily on interviews, our featured stories highlight special topics, stories and ideas covered by those who know the space best. At Cheek, we believe in asking REAL people REAL questions about the topics they know best.


Our aim is to pass the microphone and get the nitty gritty details from individuals who are so generously prepared to share their insight and platform with us to help our readers access knowledge and gain answers to big questions. We go beyond the mundane, ‘what was the last thing you watched on TV?’ Instead, we seek deep insight from our featured persons by tailoring our questions, asking a business owner about the mechanics of going from a homemade design to a wholesale production line, or querying an author about the significant textual alterations between their first and third draft. Cheek separates itself from the crowd by asking the right questions and gaining sophisticated answers from people who are so generous with their time and audience. Our featured stories share wisdom and experience specifically intended for an engaged and ambitious readership seeking to pursue these successes in their own personal lives. 

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